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MeritCampus -Bringing Change Through Online Programming Courses

Wednesday August 31, 2016,

3 min Read

When we started recruitment for our software company in 2012, we realised that 90% of the students who are fresh out of college usually have a restricted theoretical knowledge of the programming languages, which eventually forced us to invest our time on training them before onboarding, that's how MeritCampus was started.

MeritCampus is an online platform to train freshers, job seekers and professionals in programming languages such as Java, to fill the huge gap in the field of technical training required by any individual for fast career progression. In 2012, MeritCampus was started by Siva Nookala and Sreenivas Tirdhala, alumni of NIT Karnataka, after facing issues while training the software students hired as employees Our major requirement was into Core Java, but most of the freshers or job seekers had limited knowledge due to lack of practical approach. This could either be acquired over years where one needs to have hands on experience working on specific programming language in depth with any organisation or by investing a lot of time and money attending traditional training institutes. At MeritCampus we leveraged technology to benefit mass at cost effective price.

To start with, MeritCampus focused on Java which is the most important programming language for any developer. The courses are customised as per the requirement of learners – basic course for beginners and advanced courses for professionals looking out for career growth. Usually, any traditional class would demand more time and more money, but online courses at MeritCampus can be easily accessed anytime at a cost effective price. For example, the traditional Core Java courses start from Rs 12999 but the same can be availed at MeritCampus platform for only Rs 6499. A unique proposition at MeritCampus is the instructor led training sessions where our experts provide complete guidance to learners in real-time if they face any problem while learning. Each learner has access to his or her score dashboard to keep track of their progress. The specially designed Java practice tests help students analyse their success and improve accordingly as they learn more.

Currently, MeritCampus has 7500 registered users and 12000 unregistered users who visit their website regularly to access the free Java knowledge base available online. Though MeritCampus started with Java courses, but we have recently started offering few courses on Android and plans to slowly expand our reach providing training on other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, iOS, Web Technology and Angular JS. Since the platform is online and language is English, we cater to students not only in India but also to learners in US, UK and Europe. 

Try our free demo here.