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Create quality content for your blog - Proven strategies to increase blog traffic

Here are some blogging tips I’ve learned from my blogging experience that will help you improve your blog for better engagement and will bring more traffic to your blog

Create quality content for your blog - Proven strategies to increase blog traffic

Saturday December 02, 2017,

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There is no light at the end of the tunnel,

The light you seek has always been within.

~ Jasleen (Winged Soul)

I call myself a survivor for i am the one who survived----- Engineering (something that should not be named). Ahh well I am glad I made a way out of the ‘Bhed Chaal’ and followed my passion of writing. But tell people you are a writer and they'll go- "Writer?", "Seriously?", "Writer means unemployed", "Is Writing even a Profession?"

Ahhh! Well I've been doubtful, I've had my grey phase but eventually when I took up blogging full time, my words became my 'Identity'. I realised that there are four basic needs for human existence - Air, Water, Food and Content.

Internet has given us unprecedented power to express ourselves, share our expertise with the world through Blog as a medium of expression. If you wish to get your voice across- Start a Blog. A Blog is a repository of content. Content forms the backbone of the digital world and each word matters- what you say and how you say it becomes your identity but very often bloggers get so much engrossed in the technicalities of the Blog that they undervalue the power of Content.  


I always focused on the quality of my Blog and I started working with a team of Engineers at viaENS who are currently managing around 2500 Blogs. With viaENS Portable Workplace Culture, Digital Industry Training is imparted to the aspiring Bloggers and the technical & server part of their Blog is handled. This helps them save time which can be judiciously used for content curation, content creation and content Optimisation.  

I’ve seen new bloggers quit at an early stage just because they believe they are not good bloggers and that they cannot write lucrative stuff or probably their vocabulary won’t be able to sustain the heavy weight Blogging Championship. You have a piece of information to pass onto your readers – but you have no idea how to wrap it into an exciting package your readers will love. Relax! It ain’t any rocket science. You just need few tips and you are all set to Turn your Part time Passion into a full Time Profession.

Are you ready to kick things into high gear? 

I hope so, because here are some Blogging tips I’ve learnt over my Blogging experience that will help you improve your Blog for better engagement and bring more traffic to your blog-

What is Blog Content? How to Create Great Content and Boost Blog Traffic

1. Convert Your Content into a Story


One of the main reasons a reader is landing on your blog in the first place is that he seeks Entertainment. Stories connect deeper, especially that “Ahhh! Yes I also have felt that once.” For Blog posts such as, “How to” posts, tips & tricks, case studies, or opinion pieces, that have a narrative flow can use a story. Once you find a way to relate a story to people, no topic is too abstract. The best part is that since stories involve emotions, readers remember it more than the factual part. Here’s a demonstration-

"Don’t Feed animals in the zoo."


"My aunt Joanna tried to feed the bear few days back and got her arm snapped into blood."

2. Create a ‘Rich’ Title


Craft an interesting headline. Try to insert your focus keyword in your headline. If your headline exceeds 60-70 characters, google will show the first 56 and the rest will be converted into dots. Try to place the keyword in the start of the headline so that your reader has a clear view about what the article is going to be about. Conduct a thorough keyword research and choose keywords with low competition, low bid and high search.

3. Absorb Your Content With Data From Credible Sources


As a reader if you are going to tell me what you think, give me a solid reason why do you think that way? Content that is well researched and contains proper statistics is more credible. Mr. X supporting his arguments with facts whereas Mr. Y merely expressing his opinion makes Mr. X more credible. Research and ground your Blog posts with data, statistics and something factual. Try curating content from similar sites.

When I say viaENS has conducted 50,000+ training sessions covering 15,000+ students across 20+ cities, it skyrockets the credibility of the company. 

4. Convert Your Content Into a Conversation and Use ‘YOU’


People reading a blog are most probably searching for a solution to their problem. The Blog is not about you, it’s about them. Use ‘you’ in the initial paragraphs to grab the attention of the reader. Resonate with your audience and tell them how your blog post, or the product you are selling or the service you are providing will help them.

5. Use AIDA and The KISS (not what you are thinking) Principle


AIDA stands for:

Attention (Awareness)- Make your readers curious by using a well framed headline and craft your first stanza in such a way that it grabs their attention.

Interest- As mentioned above, use a unique story line with your content so that the reader is interested to read more of it.

Desire- Create a desire among readers and show them the vision of what will happen if they use your product/ service or how your blog post is going to help them in future.

Action- Lead your readers to a conclusion. Tell them what you want them to do.

The ‘KISS’ principle is ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid.’ Don't complicate your Blog, Detox it. Don't just write content for the search engines for it may affect the quality of your Blog posts. Optimise your Blog but don't compromise with its quality.

It's really exciting to see people pursue their passions and build a career in the domain they are passionate about. Blog is a universal tool that’ll take you steps closer to your dream projects. You can start a travel Blog if you are passionate about travel, start a fashion blog is you have that fashion nerve, start a food blog if you have a foodie soul, start a shayari blog if your pen is inspired by ghalib or start a blog about the B- talk if you love the entertainment buzz. Not only will it add credibility but will also help you learn more and establish an expertise.

Start with what you love.

Do you know you are one of a kind?

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