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Common desk raises the opportunity of business growth:

Common desk is a one of the best co-working space in Bangalore and here you can easily get the opportunity to build a social network with the different business professionals. 

Friday January 13, 2017,

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Common desk is a one of the best and recognized co-working space in Bangalore and now a days all the small business entrepreneur and freelancers wants to get the best opportunity and chances to build the good social network with the person that can help them for their business growth.

Common desk is the place where you can easily get the chances to communicate and build the network with the different business professional and here you can get the chances to learn a new thing from them and achieve your goal, you can also get the good partnership for your business.

It is a place where you can get all the talent under a single roof we are now present in the Indiranagar only but now we are thinking to expand our business to all of the good and reputed area in the Bangalore and we are also trying to attach the talented professionals to our co-working space in Bangalore that will guide you about the business growth opportunity.

Propelled in 2016, Common Desk gives a completely furnished workspace with 24x7 get to. It cases to oblige more than 150+ ventures in Bengaluru. At present operational in single area with more than 500 dynamic individuals, the organization guarantees that its lead focus is right now running at 100% inhabitance rates.

On B2B side, it cases to be an extremely straightforward, professionally overseen organization that accomplices with proprietors and guarantees them a relentless and unsurprising salary.

It is running by the group of the charted accountant and very good in house team that will always be available for your help and they will always ready to help you for the legal issues related to the business and every week there will be a seminar by the successful business professionals that can help you to guide about the business growth.

According to the share story there are 20k startup’s are now present in the Bangalore and they are looking for the best place at reasonable pricing and the place that will be help them to grow their business and they wanted to work 24 X 7 for their business growth. So we are creating a co-working space in Bangalore where all the startup’s get a chance to grow.

Now a days the demand of the office space is increases day by day in the Bangalore city and getting the best office space is out of budget for all the startup’s, So by developing the Common desk we are just trying to help this kind of startup’s.

Common desk is a place for the startup’s, freelancer ,and other business individual those who want to establish a position in the business market.