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Story of a 16-year old Blogger and YouTuber: Sourav Biswas

Today, I am interviewing a 16-year blogger and YouTuber based out of Kolkata, India. Sourav Biswas has proven that age is just a number. He has been working part-time and has managed to earn quite good amounts of money. 

Story of a 16-year old Blogger and YouTuber: Sourav Biswas

Friday March 31, 2017,

5 min Read

Sourav Biswas is a school-going kid with unconventional dreams. He is a a tech blogger and the owner of TeckyWorld. He also has his YouTube channel with about 2000+ subscribers. He shares his knowledge to most possible with his readers and viewers. 

Sourav Biswas, Blogger and YouTuber.

Sourav Biswas, Blogger and YouTuber.


Sourav is a true inspiration and young talent. You will realise it as you read the interview further. 

Without any further due, lets come to the interview and get inspired. :)

1. Tell me about yourself?

I am Sourav Biswas, a 16-year-old Tech-blogger, and YouTuber. I started blogging. I exposed to this blogging world two years ago when I was 14. I was not familiar with the bloggers from whom I could get some inspirations. I had some niche sites and also worked on some micro niche sites. After I had started some earnings, I thought of getting into some serious tech blogging, and that is how my blog, “Tecky World” came into existence. I run 11 other niche and micro niche websites which are doing amazing as well.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

My Mother and Father my biggest motivators and strengths. They told me that if I work hard and if I do it from my heart, I can even become one of the top tech bloggers. Their words had motivated me and unstoppable. Even few of my blogger friends whom I can say a huge part of my life now excited a lot. Even though they had a huge site or channel at the time, I had started used to tell me that this is not that age and I could reach those milestones very quickly if I work well.

3. Apart from blogging and YouTube, what are the other activities you are involved in?

Presently, I am working with a Start-Up. Hoping for the best.

Also trying to make some videos and make my YouTube channel a bit more attractive and knowledgeable. I have all gears ready, just need some time management to be done and after that, everything would go great.

4. What demotivates you at work and how do you overcome them?

This is a fact, when you are achieving something great, you will always have some haters who would either criticize you or comment the second text. Hatters grow as you rise. But, ignore all such time wasting stuff. I would continue doing what I love to. Some criticizing comments do encourage me to strengthen that negative thing which I welcome always. I believe that criticism makes a person strong.

5. What motivates you at work?

Firstly, my Mother and Father are great motivators.

They told me that if I would work hard and if I do it from my heart, I can even become one of the top tech bloggers.

Some other things that motivated me were when brands started contacting me for attending events and receiving their units to review them because wanted their products to get examined by me. A huge motivation was when I received a lot of invitations for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and something which was more interesting was 2 of the companies were even ready to sponsor me to attend it. But, since I give more priority to my studies at least for now, I cannot attend them.

6. How do you manage studies with work?

To be honest. Initially, I found that it was tough too. But, time passed I started earning a pretty good amount and even started getting sponsored, I now have hired 10-12 other people, and we work as a team. Without my team, I wouldn’t have survived in this industry.

7. Where do you see yourself after ten years from now?

I will become one of the best bloggers.

I want to be popular and establish myself. I will surely make my parents proud. 

8. Whom do you consider as your inspiration?

I remember a guy who was into blogging for five years now; he told me that I need not worry about my age. I can just get into it if I have enough confidence in my mind, the potential that I can keep up this work in future and if I have enough knowledge.

9. Any tips for the coming up young talents out there?

I would firstly say that, set your goal at something which you are confident and is your passion. Start working it from the very same day. You will surely succeed. Do not expect someone to help you. Be independent and work hard.

Consistency, quality, unbiased reviews, quantity (consistency can help it), keeping up with it without leaving it can assist you in your blogs and YouTube channels.

Thank You Sourav, It was great to have you, and I thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule and inspiring our readers.

I’m honored. Thanks.

Sourav Biswas stands as a perfect example of young talent, and he just proves age to be “a number.”