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What does customer seek from a web to print e-commerce store?

What does customer seek from a web to print e-commerce store?

Wednesday January 17, 2018,

5 min Read


Web to print is that element of internet of things where the customers have a direct interaction with the e-com printing portals. Since the internet bubble of the 2000’s this industry has been ever evolving; it is one of the fastest growing industries. It also is one of the highly innovated as well as profiteering industries.

Many young entrepreneurs around the world today have all the needful blessings of innovative ideas and courage. They are ready to jump in the e com world. Moreover, today everyone loves customization and personalization. Right from a tiny needle to something as giant as an automobile, everything undergoes customization. For making this a reality, entrepreneurs take the aid of web to print software solutions.

Product designer tool allows the web merchants to give their customers an opportunity to create their own personalized printable designs, which the customers can use in the products they order. It is a wiser choice, as these product designer tools provide a readymade launch pad for the entry seeking online players in the web to print commerce. For all those entrepreneurs who do not wish to invest their precious time in developing these tools opt for these.

However, many products designer tools are available in the market. This makes it ever important for an e-com enthusiast to understand what exactly a customer seeks from a web to print store. For surviving in the e-com industry, you need to understand the psychology of customers. Know what they want and you need to sell the products to them the way they want.

Here are the few considerations, for understanding what does a customer seek from a web to print store:

User-friendly productive tools (ease of use)

Efficient and effective custom printed products

Design Sharing Option

Easy to use

Varied customizable features

Here is a brief of all the points in detail:

User-Friendly Productive Tools

What a customer really expects from your web to print store is a perfect user experience. It not just means a creative and an eye-catching design of your store but also is an impeccable and fluid shopping experience. The user experience should be such that the customer should fall in love with not just the product but also the overall shopping experience. One way of achieving this is, letting the customer use a minimum number of steps for placing an order.

The customization tools that your store offers should have productive tools. This is strictly in the sense that the customers like more varieties in product personalization. The number of features like clip arts, geometrical shapes, or adding a picture from social media portals you provide to them, the more they love the tool. This ensures the highest level of creativity, which a customer desires.

Efficient and Effective Custom Printed Products

If the user experience is marvelous but if your store does not provide various ranges of products, the users would not seem to like it much. What you need to do is, empower the store with more than one customizable product. Moreover, let a customer choose what product he/she wants to test the creation. A customer would revisit your store repeatedly if he/she could save his created design for future use. This makes the printable products more efficient.

The effectiveness comes with the different types of print qualities. Well, not all the product design tools in the market support different types of printers. More option availability and compatibility are always feasible and effective.

Design Sharing Option

Let the customers create their own custom designs under a “My Account” tab. Here, they can save and can share their designs with their friends. People like to ask for opinions of their loved ones. In addition, this social media sharing option would also amplify the usability of your store. It would create a brand value and market your store. The more they share more is the value of your store.

Further, the users would want to attach their social connections and import a photo. To add on and maximize the personalization experience, the users would also like to edit an uploaded photo with creative filters and design tools.

Easy to Use (Flexibility)

Users would appreciate a responsive user interface, which allows them to design freely using tablets and other mobile devices. The user interfaces itself should be simple enough for faster design. These features provide ample amount of freedom to the users. Moreover, it fulfills the goal of providing customizations to the users for creating personalized printable designs.

Ease of use also is for using the tools. The usability of your store is the most important aspect for a user. A user would like to customize only when customizing on your online store is as easy as eating a cake. In addition, usability enhances when some pre-designed templates are also an option for the user to consider. This is because not all the users are there for personal customizations on a digital canvas. Some of them would also appreciate design templates.

The other thing that needs special attention is that the customers do not like to see a list of too many prices. They tend to get into a state of confusion when they see so many prices before they create a design or while they opt for check out. This freezes the fluid user experience and creates trauma in the minds of users.

Varied Customizable Features

Finding the nerve of a customer always is the key. A user wants your store to offer something extra, which other stores do not provide. This is like an ocean. You need to provide the icing on the cake and garnish the dish you are about to serve. Either with some attractive offers or with some value-added features.

Some features of the likes of a “delivery date scheduler extension tool” are a start. These kinds of features are attractive enough for users and glorify their overall user experience. Users these days are always looking for something that others out there in the market do not provide. It is highly important to realize this and offer this to your customers.