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Why roads are crucial for the development of a nation?

Wednesday June 07, 2017,

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The roads are the veins of a logistic system of every country. They are the primary means of transportation. Roads provide humans with the access to different places. In Mumbai, there are various types of roads which fulfill the needs of people in terms of commuting.For instance, the motorways are constructed to provide fast and safe access between important cities. On the other hand, highways are build to connect two or more cities. In the rural areas of the country, there are different types of roads which connect farm lands with the city. Overall, there are different type of roads constructed within a country which pertain to specific importance and requirements.

In addition to the transportation, roads also make a crucial contribution to the economic development and growth of Mumbai. They actively bring important social benefits to the nation and hence, are of vital importance in order to make a nation grow and develop. Apart from these aspects, roads are also an important source of employment, social, health and education services. So in terms of fighting against poverty as well, the construction work of roads offer good alternatives. The importance of roads can be summed up in terms of them opening up more areas and stimulate economic and social development. Thus, it is of no doubt that the road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets. Considering such a paramount importance, one should always rent the best Road Construction Equipment in Mumbai, so that there will be an assurance of quality work being done.

Building a road is no small feat. On contrary to the general belief, it is much more than just laying down tar on a surface and driving heavy road-rollers on it. It requires a lot of precision, climate understanding, soil integrity, experience, etc. As stated above, roads increases nation’s trade and commerce, promotes tourism, expedites transport services, provides door to door service, etc. However, if the road is not constructed properly it can lead to gruesome accidents, on-road tragedies or mishaps such as cracking or breakage. The quality of a road depends on the quality & the type of the materials which will be used for the construction purpose.

The process of road construction begins at testing the soil quality. Before the construction work starts, the engineers need to be certain about the holding capacity of the soil. If the soil is not credible enough to bare the wear & tear a road goes through, then it can lead to an unfortunate event. There are various things which the road constructors need to keep in mind while testing the soil. Aspects like the In-situ moisture content, space gravity of the soil, particle size distribution, compaction capacity, etc. are some of the few which are considered why constructing roads.

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