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How to promote your ICO

How to promote your ICO

Tuesday April 17, 2018,

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ICO is the most talked about topic since last year due to the numerous bitcoin exchange centers emerging out of nothing. This is a new concept unknown to many countries if I’m not wrong due to the data masking is done by their respective governments. Blockchain technology came up with the decentralized cryptocurrency as a different source of digital currency and trade commodity.

Today, we will discuss such ICObuffer listing and how to improve the value and traffic to your own ICO. It is not difficult to advertise your ICO, we have been annoyed with marketing techniques, advertising on every platform that we have access to the internet. Whatever you are browsing or playing, you get interrupted by an ad or a banner which promotes a product or service.

Similar tactics with a few adjustments will be used here to make your ICO a success. You need to think from a buyer’s point of view. What would a buyer think as soon as they look at your ICO listing or your digital currency? This will pinpoint the reasons and facts that you need to provide your content to make your ICO a huge success.


People always think about how safe it is to make a transaction on a website. You should go the extra mile with respect to security. Hackers and cybercriminals are always trying to find vulnerabilities in the system. You need to provide proper security and firewalls since you will be running websites and crypto wallets.

A few points to prioritize security will help you understand better

• Different randomized passwords for your entire website related social media logins will help avoid compromising all of them instead of only one.

• Website admin access should be shared on the need-to-know basis only.

• The 2-Factor authentication key is mandate which provides a sense of comfort to the end user.

• Constant monitoring of incoming data, comments, postings, messages on your website and blogs help avoid unnecessary mishaps in the future.

• Crowdsale address needs to be catchy and remembered easily, share this information with your community at the earliest.

• Hardware wallets are recommended to keep information completely off the grid, safe and secure.

People are paranoid and this paranoia is further fueled to grow by the negative media channels. Security is a prime concern irrespective of online or in real life. The more effort you show in its security, the more trust you gain.


I’m not telling you to go door-to-door selling but something a bit similar. Highlight your web links on related websites with respect to ICO, this will certainly help things progress faster. This can be done free of cost on most platforms, only a few may charge you a minimal fee for advertising your link.

A few pointers here will help you with an effective marketing with short term and long term goal orientation

• Bitcoin has the largest Crypto-community, don’t hesitate to use that platform.

• You will not be competing with bitcoin, rather you will be assisting in increasing its value along with your own ICO.

• An active thread on various crypto-driven communities will help build your own network.

• Social media platforms are always there to assist you in any business, highlight the website and share with friends and inform them to share further.

• Somewhere along the line, try to get hold of a premium advertising slot in major ICO websites. This will be a bit expensive but, you will notice the difference in no time.

• The multi-lingual approach is always better. Start with one and then diversify into different languages as time passes.

So, marketing is still the same with a few tactics changed. You no longer go door-to-door selling but a larger platform has been provided to place your product for everyone to view and buy. Some of these tips seem normal but they are effective nonetheless. Remember a strong fundamental tactic can even beat a proven flashy one with enough time.

Why choose you?

Every consumer will have this question. Why choose your ICO out of the numerous decentralized currency available? You should be in a position to convince the end user. You would need to provide as much advantageous information to the consumer as possible with transparency.

A few pointers will assist you in achieving this daunting task

• Proper and professional explanation regarding the ICO

• Rewards for the end users while using your ICO

• Go with the simplest model, the utility model where the token is used to purchase services or products

• Educate the consumer that making transactions with the token increase its value

• Profit sharing or dividend mechanism is a huge bonus to all the token holders on your website

These are some of the common benefits, there are more with respect to every type of cryptocurrency available. You would be aware of these benefits or advantages of other coins that you have already used.

Mission and vision

This sounds like a publicity stunt however, it is not. Your short term and long term goals are solely based on the Mission and Vision you hold. A clear and precise statement to explain what your website is and how will you help you consumers provide a better headline than any sketchy scheme.

Vision is looking yourself in the future, where would you be in the next few months or even a year or more? This will provide a purpose and drive to work towards the very vision that you set.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrency is no longer the realm of the unknown, it has broken to the realm of the known with a few grey areas yet to be discovered. With that being said, blockchain technology is being implemented by governments all over the globe for banking and financial administration which proves a lot.

The ICO is just the beginning of the new era for the digital currency. Be prepared for what’s to come and ride along the crypto-wave for a better and richer tomorrow.

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