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Illustration – Transform Books into Stories

A bad outline for the interior of a book makes it look sloppy, while a decent book with great designs will be eye-catching, clear and engrossing.

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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A bad outline for the interior of a book makes it look sloppy, while a decent book with great designs will be eye-catching, clear and engrossing. Gamut offers experienced graphic designers in Mumbai coupled with creative illustrators and visualizers.

Most illustrations start out with a brief, be it a private assignment, a designer should at least be aware of the information in the book that you are working on, briefly. One of the most important features of briefing is to know the answer to that one imperative question; “who are you designing for?” Every type of illustrations has a target audience, the people that will be seeing the illustrations and accepting the message, so it makes absolute sense to keep them in mind.

Illustration is the main element in breathing life into your book, and to truly seize the reader’s attention you need it to be trendy, amusing and eye-catching.

Your illustrations should have a one-of-kind and distinctive style, introduce your story characters in such a way that it excites and amuses kids of all ages, and occasionally adults too! Every sketch must be exclusive and memorable. It should have its own story, its own charm, and its own look.

So how do you create and illustrate a book that not only interest readers, but also truthfully signify what it can offer?

You need to make sure that your book’s characters are distinctive and memorable, to make you stand out.

Whether you’re looking for a crazy elephant, wimpy dog, or a flabby car, an understanding in creating distinctive illustrations means you can address any assignment with fresh, different & thrilling concepts, and not just the typical use of default clipart’s, and templates!

Get into the minds of your characters to make their gestures, activities and reactions, realistic and thought-provoking.

After you complete your illustrations, according to what you had anticipated, it’s now time to put it all together.

As a designer it’s essential to use all of your designing tools, be it digital software’s or physical sketching, to craft the perfect design imaginable.

Bringing the script and the finished illustrations together and seeing how it all works with each other is extremely rewarding.

Gamut design services, one of the best creative agencies in Mumbai, are competitive and are entirely fixated on personalized quality; unlike other economical options that every so often use default templates that are available online, use low-cost images and depend on hasty style.

Your book asks for more and our services offer more to bring your story to life.