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How Artificial Intelligence Is Playing Its Role in Making Healthcare Better

How Artificial Intelligence Is Playing Its Role in Making Healthcare Better

Tuesday October 24, 2017,

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Technological advancements are leaving their fingerprints on every field, the healthcare industry is no exception. The rate at which technology has developed and improved over the last two decades has resulted in amazing achievements.

Artificial intelligence being one of the most advanced technological development has led to a lot of changes in the healthcare filed. It is important to have an open mind towards the changes and a broader insight into it which will help us in improving our lives with its aid.

Along with artificial intelligence, there are a lot more fields that have developed a lot in this field and have helped us come a long way. Here are some of the other technological ways that have changed healthcare.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into every field. It has proved to improve the drug development and also the procedure of diagnostic tests.

The current long and expensive procedures of drug development are being replaced by fast procedures with the help of artificial intelligence.

Many types of equipment have been developed using AI, where it conducts hundreds or even thousands of tests at a single time and generates the reports within a few minutes. This replaces the age-old method of conducting one test at a time. While the new method saves a lot of time and energy, it also has its own disadvantages.

2. Data Consumption

In today’s time, data is everything. Data consumption in healthcare industry includes keeping records of patient information, past clinical histories, maintaining diagnostic reports and so on. The reports of the diagnostic tests are also being emailed to the patient which saves the time and cost involved in visiting these place just to collect the reports.

3. Improved communication

The communication between the doctors and patients has become easier and convenient. There are some applications that provide this facility such as “practo”. This again helps in saving the time and cost involved in visiting the doctor time and again. Also, it has made the availability of consultation with the doctors much quick and easy.

4. Portal technology

This technology makes it easier for the patients to carry their medical information. This is done mainly by storing all of the data of the patients in their smartphones, which comes in very handy. Some of the apps and hospitals also offer services wherein they visit the patient’s place along with all the required equipment and treat the patients at the comfort of their home.

5. Remote monitoring

This technology makes use of a device that is designed exclusively to monitor a particular health issue and alerts the patient upon sensing any abnormality.

6. Electronic wearables and apps

There is a wide variety of apps and wearable technologies that are advanced to the point where we can track the number of health factors outside the clinic such as sleep duration, physical activity, weight, stress level, mood, heart rate etc. They also have reminders to take a pill on time or to drink a glass of water and so on, as a precautionary measure to save oneself from diseases.

7. Robotics

Another field which is drastically changing the healthcare system is robotics. There are a wide variety of robots in this field that serve different purposes. For example, Xenex is a disinfectant robot which prevents infection. Veebot is another robot which draws the blood from the patient’s body by identifying the best pain with an accuracy of 83%. There are so many other robots which include surgical robots, robots that assist paralyzed patients, robots that assist mentally ill patients, robots that are less than the size of a millimeter and are used to carry medicines to the patients.

8. Medical Tourism

Tourism is another field that is being intertwined with various other networks of knowledge and expertise. Medical tourism is one such invention. India is one of the best medical destination and is preparing to take the world for a medical ride.

Medical tourism in India is going to be the next sought-after industry and is ready for the surge. Medical tourism is responsible for a rupture in the global network society. Under this, Heealthy is a new start-up that is trying to make Medical tourism, which is a new world activity, run as smoothly as possible for the benefit of patients.

How Medical Tourism in India is coming true with Heealthy

The main aim of Heealthy is to provide premium level medical treatment to the patients right from the beginning and set a benchmark in terms of quality. Their core is about Quality Medical Hexagon and they have an aim of making medical travel easy and affordable for everyone.

Heealthy has a dedicated platform for patients, where they can choose high-end medical services that are planned under the supervision local and overseas doctors. Rest assured, the patients get their optimal treatment from the best doctors at a fraction of the cost in a different country with the support staff from Heealthy by their side.

Heealthy is a start-up co-founded by Abhishek Shankar and Kundan Kumar, ex-googler / IIT Madras and an ex-Whirlpool/ DCE-FMS respectively. They have taken up this start-up personally to heal the ailments of the world in India. Heealthy is mentored by Siddhartha COO of Stanford University, which has 46 doctors onboard for medical consultation.

They have previously worked on Augmented Reality start-up that was acquired by Times of India and also on Reverse Data platform that provides free data to people, which was again acquired by a Chinese unicorn.

Heealthy is their 3rd venture together, which has a workforce of 31 committed veterans of technology and strategy. This start-up is a huge project both in terms of impact and satisfaction. Heealthy aims at building processes, products, capabilities, infrastructure, frictionless processes to cater to treatment, facilitation, and financing.


These are only a few out of many ways in which technology has improved the healthcare system. We are already witnessing the revolution of the healthcare system in many ways. However, with the drastic advancements happening in technology each day, we expect to see more of its applications in healthcare in the near future.

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