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Top 10 Free PHP Frameworks

Top 10 Free PHP Frameworks

Friday February 17, 2017,

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PHP is a server side scripting language, created and designed for web development. PHP is installed on millions of web servers and websites owing to its easy learning curve, interactive features, HTML and database integration support.

PHP makes the development fast, more productive and protects low level error, attacks like SQL injection, XSS attacks and others.

Top 10 free PHP frameworks of 2017, are summarized below.

1. Laravel: The framework is apt for creating modern webs and APIs. It is easy to write, maintain and extend the code. The salient features are good routing, migrations support, easy authentication, blade templating engine, and, etc. Though it is a newly released one, it has attracted most of the developers' attention.

2. Symfony: It is a powerful, flexible and scalable PHP frameworks for MVC application. It creates web application and maintains pace bypassing repetitive coding. There are abundant reusable PHP components or as a full framework such as security, translation, validator, templating, form config, and, etc. It is suitable for creating highly scalable enterprise grade applications.

Source : Google Image<br>

Source : Google Image

3. Code Igniter: It focuses to make extends in a much speedier manner, despite the fact that the designer begins a venture from the scratch, that is composing codes by giving a rich arrangement of libraries for normal assignments, with an essential interface and sensible structure to utilize these libraries. CI gives the freedom to inventively focus on the errand by minimizing the code needed for a given venture.

4. Cake PHP: It is a web application framework that follows MVC architecture. It helps to build prototype rapidly, no need for configuration, easily adapted for commercial applications, built-in access, clean MVC conventions, security, and etc.

5. Zend Framework: It is a commercial PHP framework that features the Zend studio, a complete IDE and a Zend server that makes the developers work quick and efficient. One can avail support through online training and certification programmers.

6. Phalcon: It is written with C/C++ for performance optimization. It comes with fastest time request but low memory usage. It is suitable for high traffic websites and apps.

7. Slim: It is a lightweight micro-framework for PHP, with less learning curve. It is built with routing system and focuses on RESTful API with GET, PUT, POST, DELETE supports.

8. Yii: It is powerful with number of plugins, which can be added in minutes. The widgets, photo albums, payment gateways, are customised with plugins easily. It is suitable for high traffic sites owing to its high-performance.

9. Fat Free Framework: It is the perfect toolkit recommendable for the beginners. The framework is small and the apps perform fast. It has a user guide that is followed by starters in a more convenient way.

10. Kohana Framework: It is basically based on CodeIgniter, and recommended for the sites with high volume of traffic. It has a clear documentation and an active community.

Though PHP was a language to create simple home pages earlier, has developed continuously powering most of the web with available frameworks.