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10 services every smart entrepreneur should be outsourcing to India

10 services every smart entrepreneur should be outsourcing to India

Thursday January 18, 2018,

4 min Read

If you’re in the market for outsourcing services, you will perhaps have done your research and found that India is, far and away, the best outsourcing services provider in the world. Outsourcing to India is, in fact, fast becoming indispensable for businesses all over the world.

Now, after having researched business outsourcing in India and the many benefits it entails, you’re probably wondering where to start. Here is a list of 10 services you should be outsourcing to India in order to give your business its best shot at excelling in the competitive business world:

Business Outsourcing in India

Business Outsourcing in India

1. Bookkeeping: Accounting and bookkeeping are tedious jobs, and take up a lot of time. In order to save your business's valuable time and resources that can otherwise be put to better, more productive use, it is a smart move to send all the bookkeeping work to an outsourcing services provider.

2. Payroll: Hiring full-time employees for payroll is a waste of time and money. For most businesses, payroll services are a part-time thing at best. Outsourcing payroll services will mean you pay only for the services you use and only for the amount of time you use them.

3. Recruitment: Recruitment is a time-consuming process. You end up wasting time and money on advertising, conducting interviews, and on finding the right recruit for the right job. Another downside of keeping recruitment as an in-house process is that you may not find the kind of technically skilled professional that you could easily have working for you if you were to outsource to India.

4. Employee Benefits: Like payroll, employee benefits are another thing that needs to be calculated and disbursed on a part-time basis. Outsourcing the task of handling employee benefits will only save you more time and money.

5. Tax Return Filing: Tax paperwork is a cumbersome thing to deal with. Plus, keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws is an arduous process. Like all things cumbersome, it is best to outsource tax return filing to your offshore team so that your in-house team can be more put to better use.

6. Website Updates: Websites need to be constantly updated if you are to keep up with changing times and with the ever-increasing competition in the market. What better way to stay a step ahead of your competition than to hire an offshore team to maintain and update your website! The time-zone advantage that your offshore team enjoys over your competitors will also ensure that your website is updated while your side of the world is fast asleep.

7. Cyber Security: IT outsourcing to India is BIG. With advances in technology, and the corresponding rise in threats to confidential data, IT outsourcing to India has come to include, and even specialize in, cyber security. Outsourcing data security to cyber security experts is a logical thing to do.

8. Administrative Tasks: Monotonous, everyday tasks like data entry, task scheduling, travel arrangements etc. should be some of the first things you must outsource. It is pointless wasting your precious in-house capital on jobs that are best sent overseas so that your onshore team can then spend its time on the core services of your company.

9. Marketing: Be it telemarketing or ad campaigns, an outside perspective (from an offshore team) is likely to give your business, and your business strategy, an edge over your competitors. Considering the fact that marketing a product/service in just the right way is half the battle, having an edge over the competition will go a long way toward helping your business grow.

10. Customer Service: In this age of Yelp and other similar things, customer service is everything. One bad review from a customer could end up costing you many more potential customers, and that’s just bad for business. Outsourcing to India ensures that your business becomes a 24-hour operation and one of your teams (onshore or off) is always available whenever your customers’ needs it – never mind the time of day.