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5 Best IndianTravel Bloggers You Must Follow

Are you a traveler and searching for some of the best Indian travel bloggers? Then this story is for you.

5 Best IndianTravel Bloggers You Must Follow

Friday July 28, 2017,

4 min Read

Best Indian Travel Bloggers: India being a vast country has everything beaches, deserts, mountains, jungles, rivers and travel bloggers.

Yes, with more than 1.3 billion people and counting, India has a good number of travelers. Some are into backpacking, some travel with friends and family and some prefer solo traveling. And to provide them with a plethora of travel information there are a growing number of travel bloggers from India who with their travel blogs gives you the buzz that you might need to plan your next trip.



Sankara is one the most popular Indian travel bloggers. He is not an ordinary Travel blogger who just write about various destinations. But he is a travel blogger who writes biking blogs. He has been featured in many media outlets. Not only this he also writes blogs on various vegetarian cuisines, adventure travel, visas and cultures in his blog Be On The Road.

Shivya Nath


Shivya Nath is a well acclaimed Indian travel blogger. A solo female adventurer who love to inspire other travelers and women to be independent and to travel solo. Her award winning blog The Shooting Star has received a lot of praise from various well-established bloggers.

She is an inspiration for those people who think, quitting a job and traveling is not for them. Because to become a full-time traveler she has quit her well-paying job and has started her blog which helps her to pay for her travel. It was not a cake walk for sure but she did it… and in her blog, she tells you her experiences on being a full-time traveler and tries to inspire you.

Anuradha Goyel


When no one knew or had an idea about travel blogging since then Anuradha has been working on her blog AnuReviews. She primarily blogs about Travelling and reading which are the two biggest passions of Anuradha. Since 2004, she has been giving vital information regarding travel destinations, traveling in India, how to’s and all. Not only this she is also the author of the famous book “The Mouse Charmers”

Siddhartha Joshi


Siddhartha Joshi is one of the most followed India Travel Blogger. In his travel blog SidTheWanderer he tries to teach others to be patient, breaking barriers and to inspire others to travel and explore more. His biggest dream is that one day there will be no boundaries between nations and people like us can travel free without Visas.

Parnashree Devi


And in this top five list of best Indian Travel Bloggers, you should follow in 2017 is Parnashree Devi. Hailing from Assam, a traveler and one of the most followed Indian Travel bloggers. She started her blog couple of years back but have created a good name in this industry with her blogs. She loves to visit untouched corners of the world, meeting local people, having local cuisines and exploring new cultures and that’s what she publishes on her blog ‘My Travel Diary

So these were my “05 Best Indian Travel Bloggers which you must follow”

But the list is not over yet, as I would like to mention one more blog. I guess most of you might not have heard its name but the content and the information that it provides…. do need some applaud.

I would put him in

Upcoming Travel Blogger You Should Follow 

Tirthankar Bose


A solo backpacker, travel enthusiast, and a travel writer. He has been traveling since he was 19. He started his travel journey from Yumthang Valley in Sikkim, which was his First Solo Backpacking Trip.

And since then he has covered and touched almost each and every corner of India. His blogs are not about his journeys or what his experience was.

Rather than that, he mostly writes travel tips & tricks, travel safety, travel hacks, where to eat & stay and so on…. It is kind of a travel guide which every traveler or backpacker needs before planning their trip.

His recent blogs like:

Best Places To Eat In Manali

& 03 Secret Places To Visit In Ladakh That No one Is Ever Going To Tell You

Has been applauded by various famous bloggers and experts. You may follow him at ThePoorNomad

Hope you like this article about 05 best Indian Travel Bloggers.