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Convert your idea into a story...

Making a difference in the Corporate Sector with a Camera

Convert your idea into a story...

Thursday December 08, 2016,

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A big dilemma if you are from the Corporate Sector is how do you communicate to the audience your message? When the majority of the customer base is online and active on Social Media, you have to be present there too. But the question that haunts any Marketing, Sales, Corporate Communication team that is it enough to just put some texts and images on social media to convey your message? Is it going to be impacting? Will the audience follow it through? And the biggest of them all " Will my audience stick around?"

In this age when television is dying and is only left to news and debates, does it make sense to even follow that route? Well this is a topic to be debated some other day.

N Productions, a media production house is busy solving this. Neha Gandhi, founder of N Productions had a vision, a dream to start a media production company which was different. The only thing she had in mind was to convert ideas into story. A story which when told made the impact.

Steady Vision, Strong  Aim, An Idea into a Story

Steady Vision, Strong  Aim, An Idea into a Story

With over a decade of media experience and with this vision, she started her dream in 2013. Today, nearly 4 years later and with over 20 plus corporates on the client list, it says it all.

The journey wasn't as easy as it looks. Like every other start up, N Productions too had its share of ups and downs, moments of triumphs and failures. With feet firmly grounded and focussed vision, it has made its presence felt in the corporate segment. With clients like Indus Towers, Mahindra Comviva, Bacardi, Yahoo India, HCCB, Birla Shakti Cement, Bata, all trusting N Productions with their visual content, speaks volumes for the brand in itself.

The journey filled with passion and commitment is a story to be read. 

It comes soon!!