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HR head, now steering a silver jewellery business

The story of Rajiv Kanda, Founder and CEO of

Saturday May 21, 2016,

3 min Read

It was year 1980, an eleven years old boy was asked by his father what he would like to be in his life. A young boy promptly replied, as if he was very clear in his mind, "I will do my own business". He clearly stated that he would not work for others but only for his own business. His father appreciated and encouraged him to prepare himself. In year 1994, the boy was grown up and had completed his graduation by then. But business opportunities and facilities ( Men, Material, Money & Machinery) were not available to him. In the given scenario, he followed his father's profession in management and started serving as an HR officer in a big corporate at Baddi, HP. He had an aggressive personality and reached upto the position of department head in a span of 5 years. He took challenges in his role and was marching ahead with great pace. Became HRD Manager in Year 2003, rose to Sr Manager in year 2005 and Dy General Manager HR in year 2014.

But the desire of doing something for himself was getting stronger and stronger all these years. The salary package and bundle of responsibilities / liabilities rose to such a position where one cannot switch easily. He struggled to convince himself and his family that he will do better in his own business. He believed in himself that if he is capable of doing wonders for others in his job, for which he is highly paid by someone, why won't he be capable of earning that much for himself. He was convinced that employer only pays 10% of the worth to his employee. So the capability to earn was 90% more than what he was earning today.

The question was how to start or switch to business so that routine domestic expenses are not disturbed. Here came in the Naari Shakti of the family to fore front, his wife, and the Team ELOTIC was formed. That was Mr Rajiv Kanda and his better half Ms Nisha Kanda. The silver jewellery store under the brand name of ELOTIC SILVER was inaugurated on 12th October, 2013. Nisha handled the store operations and Rajiv continued his job for meeting out domestic requirements. This continued for two years and business kept on growing.

Finally the day came when the Team ELOTIC decided that they can switch 100% to their business. Rajiv also joined ELOTIC on dated 31st July, 2015, leaving behind his long HR career of 22 years and a position of DGM-HR in a Multinational Corporate.

Today ELOTIC is well known brand in Gold & Silver Jewellery and they also launched their on-line portal i.e. on 9th May, 2016.