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Moving office? Here's a simple checklist to follow

If you plan some office removals this season - make sure to take your free time to plan everything or to find the best office removal services. It takes time and yet time is one of the most important assets when it comes to moving the entire office to another place 

Moving office? Here's a simple checklist to follow

Tuesday July 05, 2016,

3 min Read

Put goals or highlights into your schedule, which will help keep everything on track. Take a look at the following examples:

1) 60 days before the moving day:

- Find a new place for the office, according to whether you are about to move in a new house or in another place where you will use only as your office;

- Start searching for a removal agency that will help you with the relocation. Take into account all the details, such as the distance from the old office, whether the new office is in another city or just in another corner of the same city. How big is the new office that you are about to move in. Whether you want to rent only a van and to do everything by yourself or your colleagues will help when handling the office furniture, or you have to find a bigger team of professional movers that will take care for almost every step of the relocation;

- Start with a compilation of a checklist and a sketching of the floor map of the new office. Make a comprehensive tour of the new office and take pictures of the empty walls and rooms. Take all the measurements and then, measure all the furnishings in the old office. Decide which ones you really want to take in the new office. The photographic materials will help get a better imaginary orientation about what can fit where, about the layout of the interior design, etc.;

- Start preparing the office items for the relocation or at least the ones that you will need less or you will not need at all throughout the rest of the time in the old office. For instance, the biggest office furnishings can be dismantled and arranged in large removal boxes. This is a time-consuming challenge and yet the best opt is to do it as earlier as possible.

2) 30 days before the moving day:

- Open new accounts for the supplying of the office. Phone lines, Wi-Fi, electricity, security and others – they`re usually calculated on a monthly basis, so making it a month before the move is a great opt. It will take you enough time to make sure that everything is working, which is essential for continuing your ordinary office tasks right after the relocation;

- Organize an imaginary arrangement of the office. It is much easier with a sketching and it`s also recommended to do it as soon as possible. This is another time-consuming challenge and there is a great chance to make changes until the last moment. That`s why if you have it done in advance, it would be much easier to start arranging and assembling the objects in the office right after unloading them in the new office.

3) 10 days before the moving day:

- Start with the packing and preparing of all the items in the old office that you want to take in the new office;

- Label every box and items with QR codes or use other labels that will help orientate what`s inside the boxes;- Make sure that the supplying of the new office work flawlessly. Find where is located the best spot for optimal Wi-Fi, etc. Another important thing is to inform all the current and past contractors about the address and other coordinates of the new office.