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I 'Aspire' to be the best

Journey of a PR professional to have evolved into an entrepreneur running a renowned and successful company in Pune.

I 'Aspire' to be the best

Tuesday March 07, 2017,

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When she looks back in the past, she can never forget the date January 24 2004. It was the day when Varsha Marathe now founder and director started Aspire Communications and Strategies Pvt ltd – a well-known Pune based PR agency. For her, the firm is like her baby which she has been raising through all the ups and downs of life. She believes in one thing firmly, that all women should step out even if it is for a few hours in the day. This is the only way one grows.

“Women are better at multi-tasking than men. It is mainly the reason why many women are able to juggle both- household as well as professional responsibilities together,” she said. She herself is a mother of two yet recalls fondly how back in the year 2004 she started this agency, even when her son Rugved-her first born was merely 3 months old.

“I am not someone who can sit at home. Therefore I started my office from a small room in Pune. As my work started getting appreciated in the city, I got more clients and my agency started growing," she informs.

Being the first entrepreneur in her family, Varsha preferred to take on risks head-on. Even now, with the changing dynamics of media she never shied away from expansion. Digital PR is one such venture which she has taken up despite the fact that it is comparatively new field. She feels she could do this only because of the great support which she has received from her family -especially her husband Ameet Marathe.

Ameet Marathe who is now one of the directors in the agency has been the cardinal in the expansion of the agency to include digital PR. “He was quite busy in his job with almost 20 days of travelling in one month. Finally in the year 2011 he gave it up to join Aspire full time. It is because of his expertise that we are able to offer services in digital social media besides traditional PR, Celebrity Management and CSR PR," informed Varsha. Her clientele includes people from all verticals of business right from healthcare, hospitality to various corporates. In fact, her work assignments have even taken her out of the country.

“All thanks to the support from my team that we have been able to establish a great network Pan India,” states Varsha. Her achievements do not end here; she has also been a recipient of Salam Pune Award amongst other big achievements. All she knows throughout is that she 'Aspires' to be the best.

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