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Enticing Decor....India's First Virtual Interior Designer!

Enticing Decor is India's first virtual interior designing firm also providing easy customization furniture options.

Enticing Decor....India's First Virtual Interior Designer!

Saturday October 01, 2016,

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Enticing Decor is a virtual interior designing firm founded by Utkarsh arora.

Enticing Decor provides services related to interior designing of a space. The provisions include designing of a single room space in a house to a large commercial space. We also offer a furniture platform service where in the customers can choose a furniture or furniture layout to match their interests and needs. We provide our customers with an option of either choosing complete construction or going for the working drawings at a fixed low price. Our select services are available PAN India. With our dynamic, enthusiastic team & strategies, we are all set to expand our network PAN India. By the end of March 2017, all our services will be available PAN India. Our aim is to bring a change in the Interior Designing services which are currently being accessed by only the rich.

Q) What is so unique about us..?

Being a virtual designer, the virtuality in interior design makes us different from any other interior design company in India. We offer our customers an online platform on which they can design their homes on the internet itself. Customers can view and select from a variety of different combinations of wall designs as well as furniture designs on the website and can finalise the perfect design. We believe design is personal to its owner, hence by virtual interior designing we give more control to the customers.


1) Access to top designer across the nation regardless of where you are.

2) Enjoy the convenience of being able to design your room entirely online.

3) Share your inspiration and feedback without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings.

4) Save money with our low-cost design fee.

5) Fast and convenient way of designing.

6) Easy 3D visualisation.

7) Now designing your home proffesionally is in everyones budget.

8) Remove the hassle of buying furniture with out HANDPICKED FOR YOU service.

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