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Best corporate gifting idea for any occasion

Corporate gifting is an emerging trend these days’. Though formal gifting existed since long, the gifting ideas and significance have changed immensely with the passage of time. 

Best corporate gifting idea for any occasion

Tuesday July 11, 2017,

3 min Read

 Gifting is a way of conveying good wishes and luck to people on special occasions. However, the nature of corporate gifting is little different than that of personal gifting. Corporate gifting needs to thoughtful and formal.

Corporate gifting has got a whole new dimension as well. With the increase in the promotional practices adopted by companies, corporate gifting has become a popular way of promoting their brand. Mostly corporate gifts are exchanged on occasions of New Years, Diwali, special dates of the company and the likes.

If you are looking for some attractive yet useful gifting ideas, here’s a list of some best corporate gifts which suits every occasion:

- Power Bank

A power bank is a device which helps in charging your phone when it runs out of battery. With Smartphones battery drain is a common issue and corporates find it difficult to charge their phones if they are out for meetings or traveling. Power banks are a savior since one can charge them in advance and use them when the Smartphone battery drains. It makes for one of the best gifts for any working professional as they can’t afford any disruption in the communication.

- Pen Drive

Pen drives are yet another thoughtful gifting idea which almost every professional finds useful. Pen drives help in storing huge data which might be required during meetings and presentations with clients or associates. Pen drives save the professionals from the ordeal of carrying Laptops or hard disks with them. Many people also use pen drives as a way of branding by gifting the pen drives in a case with company’s logo. There are lots of types of pen drives available in terms of shapes and size. One can also use it for the promotion of the business. For the individual use, if the user has much to do with a system and particularly data transfer, it can prove as a much helpful gift.

- Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are a common corporate gifting idea. The hampers usually contain multiple items in an attractive packing. The gift hamper can include a variety of chocolates or other goodies. You can also put wine in the hamper as per your preferences. One can also find gift hampers from online gifting shops which provide a wide array of options. One can also opt for a customized gift hamper.

- Planner

A planner or Diary is a quintessential part of any working professional’s life. It helps in noting down important data along with saving important dates, information, pointers and meeting schedules. The planners can also have the logo of the company for branding purpose.

- Calendar

Calendars are a common item found in every cabin and cubicle. For New Year’s Calendars is the most common yet useful gifting item. These day’s one can opt for calendars with unique themes.

- Candles

If you are looking for something simple and sober, candles make for classic corporate gifts.