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Important Computer Accessories Students Must Have

An optimized collection of laptops or desktops accessories may help in providing solid foundation for the modern student’s technical requirements.

Tuesday September 13, 2016,

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An optimized collection of laptops or desktops accessories may help in providing solid foundation for the modern student’s technical requirements. But what about the best suitable accessories and peripherals? In the whirlwind of activity before starting college, consider about which computer accessories will help you through the school year. Here at this stuff, we’ve chosen out ten important computer accessories for the college students.

1. Wireless Keyboards:

Wireless keyboards allows you to turn any flat surface into a desk. When you’re stone-brooked for cash (and what college student isn’t?) it may be provoking to make do with your laptop’s built-in keyboard and tracking pad. Wireless keyboards (our tech savvy especially fond of the Logitech MK120 keyboard and mouse combo) offer better ergonomics.

2. Wireless Mouse:

Most laptop touchpads aren’t comfortable to use for long periods of time, making a wireless mouse an essential accessory. The pint sized Wireless Mouse like Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse, Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse, and Lenovo N50 Wireless Mouse is easy to take along everywhere, yet comfortable and accurate for use as your main mouse.

3. Small Printers

A compact printer that can easily work as a scanner and copier, is a great convenience in a dorm room.

4. Cooling Pads

Most laptops get so hot that you need a cooling pad--not just for comfortably using the laptop on your lap but also for expanding the notebook’s life time and preventing extra heating. The Portronics My Buddy plus Cooling Pad for Laptops (Rs. 1398) uses less power 2W, can easily folds up due to High quality Aluminum foldable legs and with adjustable Stand/table, two USB-powered fans to get your laptop to chill out. Your legs may appreciate the cooling pad’s soft exterior.

5. Webcams

Webcams may not help much with your studies, but they’re handy for staying in touch with family and friends back home. Let us point out the advantages of Skype to your parents and they might rush towards a web camera just so they can see you. Just make sure you and your folks establish some communication rules before you leave for college, or Mom could be Skype at inconvenient moments.

6. Laptop Cable Locks

If you’re studying in a public place, you might not want to shut down and pack the laptop every time you get up to buy a tea or doing any other task. Leaving your laptop unsafe in public is just asking for trouble, however. A portable laptop lock tightly secures your laptop to desks or tables with zapped steel cable and combination lock.

7. USB Flash Drives

Don’t omit the importance of a USB flash drives with a few gigabytes of memory. While too easily all over the place to act as a backup device, a USB flash drive is convenient for those inevitable times when you need to transfer files between your laptop and classroom computers.

For sharing project information with a team, making presentations in seminar, and countless other storage uses like rapid data exchange etc., USB flash drives are great accessories for a student’s daily task routines. The most important thing is that they’re cheap and easy to carry. For instance, you can pick up a 32GB SanDisk 32GB OTG flash drive USB 3.0 for about RS. 615 on Vplak.

8. External Storage Devices

Let us imagine working day and night on a major project for a college or school course. Now assume your laptop hard drive has been destroying all traces of the assignment, data a day before the due date. So backing up of data and information is necessary for students.

External hard drives are inexpensive, and their small size makes them easy to store in a small yard. Many students choose to back up data to cloud storage data centers, provided by either the college or independent organizations.

Backing up your syllabus and course materials, assignment work, pictures, songs, videos and more with an external hard drive will be more beneficial for you. The Western Digital My Passport Essential comes in a couple of capacities; the 1TB version is Rs.4299, and the 2TB one is Rs.6900. Each drive offers both high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity than the older USB 2.0. You also get password encryption and protection, as well as an automatic-backup service.

9. Power Strip and surge protector

Student's rooms often doesn't have enough power switches. Where will you plug in all of your electronics like charger, speakers, power cables etc.? To resolve this issue, you need a power strip that accommodates bulky power adapters.

10. Laptop and desktop headphones:

What better way to make students of all ages listen their course materials, watch knowledge based data, than to use high-quality study headphones? A pair of good headphones allows the student to fully focus on their study, something that with time will enhance their study results and performance. Having a pair of good quality headphones available, both at home and at college, could give a young student that extra boost they need in order to succeed.

Student's budgets are often somewhat limited, which is why you might want to find headphones at an affordable price that allows you to purchase as many as you need. In most cases, one set of headphones is far from enough, so keep an eye out for quality products at an affordable price. The one best suited headphone according to student needs may be Sony MDR XB70AP Extra Bass Headphones with Mic supplied by Vplak India Store.

All these accessories can be purchased online from the well-known computer accessories online selling stores. For instance Amazon, Flipkart, Vplak etc. can easily provide you all these accessories at affordable prices. Although I recommend Vplak as it holds a complete range of Branded Computer accessories headphones, chargers with lowest price guaranteed as compare with amazon and Flipkart and many more.

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