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Vibrant Personality of Surat - Mr. Kalpesh Desai International School of Diamonds (ISD)

Let’s catch up the sun-city Surat’s most modernized school of Diamond education and it’s CEO - Mr. Kalpesh Desai.

Vibrant Personality of Surat - Mr. Kalpesh Desai International School of Diamonds (ISD)

Thursday January 19, 2017,

4 min Read

VibrantSurti - Digital Way of Surat presents, Mr. Kalpesh Desai 


As we are gearing up for another exciting year, let’s begin with some of our favorite picks of 2017 from our expert guest authors. Let’s hear the top expert voice on future prospects for Gem & Jewelry careers.

The Gems and Jewelry sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing around 6-7 per cent of the country’s GDP.

VibrantSurti has a special guest today who has consistently expressed his expert views from Mines to Market. Let’s catch up the sun-city Surat’s most modernized school of Diamond education and it’s CEO - Mr. Kalpesh Desai.


ISD – International school of Diamond is a truly unique organization offering extensive variety of courses identified with Gems and Jewelry industry. ISD's great precious stone, pearl and jewelery accumulation, cutting edge hardware and instructional materials guarantee that their understudies get the most noteworthy standard of training. ISD gives talented and demonstrable skill to accomplishment in the Gems and jewellry industry as a Rough Diamond organizer ,purchaser, polished precious stone grader, assorter, precious stone business management, gemologist, Jewelry fashioner or Jewelry sales professional.

Something which is making ISD unique in comparison with other Diamond school in Surat. ISD is the only institute who provides diamond business management and marketing related courses with market research and practical industry experience.


ISD prepares students for professional excellence in diamond and business through adaptable academic programs, world class infrastructure, modern technology, experiential learning, innovative programs and affiliation. A premier educational institution in Surat city.

A young dynamic personality started the career as GIA graduate from GIA Thailand with specialization of white and in addition hued Diamonds and Gems. IDI Surat was his first school where he find out about D = Diamond and increased fundamental attributes. After GIA graduation, with the mission of being the finest Diamond education instructor, he had joined IGI Surat and had been from the post of Faculty to Business Developer, Marketing Manager lastly accomplished the seat of top management of whole branch toward the finish of 5 years encounter.

It says that steady players just follow the rules but winners mostly make the rules. Very few are real heroes who think to do something different, something out of box. With dream of making The University of Gem and Jewelry, in year of 2014, Mr. Kalpesh has established "International School of Diamonds (ISD) at Varachha, Surat. In under 2 years, ISD has made a noteworthy development with expansion of City Light branch, employed the best managers from diamond market as tutors, and additions of the most exceptional recipes" such as(1) Gem and Jewelry Business Management and Marketing Course, (2) Practical internship in real diamond market offices.

ISD gives training on Gem and Jewelry Business administration and marketing which helps any trainee to begin the profession as Gem/Jewelry office or Stores the world over.


ISD designate all trainees to the most prestigious diamond traders and organizations for taking practical knowledge of the market.

Graduation certificate implies a lot to the student / trainee who finishes and passes end of the year exams. ISD gives Diploma Course authentication certify by Gem and Jewelry Skill Council of India (GJSCI), Gem and Jewelry Trade Council of India.


ISD endorse job opportunities as well after completion of course to the largest Diamond Manufacturing companies in world.

From the communication with him, we came to know a proud matter to highlight. Since 2014, ISD has been trained around 8000 students so far under different heads of Diamond education fields. We are glad to share that not only from different parts of India but students are coming from different areas of world such as Lebanon, Greece, Morocco, Kenya and Africa. To promote and motivate Diamond Education learners, from year 2017 ISD has begun giving Educational Scholarship as well.

We would like to congratulate ISD for achieving an Excellence Award 2016 from Gem & Jewelry Trade Council of India. This is the 2nd consecutive award they have won in 2016.


Marvelous classrooms, immense sophistication in teaching and extremely friendly support from all tutors building up an image of ISD as per International standards in true sense.

Much thanks Mr. Kalpesh and group ISD for producing Vibrant stream to advance India. Appeal to all dear readers to share this article to maximum audience to make an awareness about careers in Diamond Industry and one roof solution and that is ISD.