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How a decade of failures turned to success

It's a true story of a 32-year-old person who spent almost a decade to become an expert in his field and failed every time and at last found the success formula

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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He has a computer science graduation degree in hand with first class secured. Since he came from a poor background his financial conditions demanded his support to the family. His mother was a heart patient and he wants to provide her the comfort she needs as part of medical urgency but he can't afford to do it. His father was a businessman with failure track record and hardly earns an amount that was never sufficed their needs.

Later, when he came out from the college, his father was unable to work anymore. He has no time and money to search a software job. But he tried his best and got nothing after few months of his graduation.

His family financial conditions were turning even worst and the education load he has taken demands it's EMI's. Keeping all these in mind he has been severely searching for a job and the time left after that, he spends on the internet by doing a lot of research on the online business trends, needs, and opportunities.

His entrance into corporate world

As a beginner, he was never welcomed by a company, not even a small size firm as a junior programmer or developer. Some of the SME's asked him to pay some huge amount to get started, but he can't afford it.

As he was doing some research online about various opportunities in various professions, he changed his profile from software development executive to SEO analyst. Soon after that, he got an offer from a small firm in the metropolitan city for a salary of 6000 Rs per month. 

Probably the worst offer one may have, but that offer appealed to him like a 50,000 Rs/month and he has no option but to start his professional career as soon as possible and expect some hike or change company to make more money for his survival and loan EMI.

He was doing quite better without any training provided by the firm. He has to learn from the web and do the right job without fail, on time and every time. Soon after few months of his journey in that company, he came to know that management does many unethical practices such as false timelines on project delivery, etc to name a few.

Unfortunately, the recession hit the market and company lost its clients and due to bad reviews on the firm accumulated over the time, it has no option but t shut the doors. It does the same and he lost his job but learned a lot by that time, he failed on many experiments but got the knowledge in return everytime he fails.

Since he has already learned a lot in short time and got the other job soon after that. This time the company was mid-sized and offered 9000 Rs per month. He started to reach the perfection in his job. That means expertise in driving huge organic traffic and Google rankings.

Along with his job, he was doing many experiments parallelly because he has huge restrictions on the things he can do on his professional projects, because of less experience higher management was not ready to trust his advice and take decisions in his favor quickly. He was failing in his experiments all the time but learned something to succeed next time.

He professional journey continued this way for several years, he was doing a better job but not the great job, at last, he had the opportunity to join the SEO experts team. 

He learned everything he was missing for years in that company. Then he has started his own website to target a specific cause and in a very short time his site traffic and rankings from Google went up crazy.

After that, he never fails, and his heart was filled with confidence that he can change the fate of any company in terms of organic traffic and rankings.