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Are we overcomplicating business?

Are we making it difficult for ourselves to develop new business? If we take a step back and simplify how online visitors can enquire, we can improve contact rates. 

Are we overcomplicating business?

Tuesday March 13, 2018,

3 min Read

“In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield” – Warren Buffet, American Businessman.

This means hindsight on previous projects is a marvellous thing, but the only way to really strive forwards is to jump in with both feet. One project that your organisation can dive straight into is implementing a web chat system, as many providers offer a free trial to get you started.

Visitors come to your website for one reason; they are looking for your products or services. However is your organisation able to deliver? This doesn’t mean taking every single client out for lunch and having to woo them, but it certainly means giving them the wow factor by providing great service.

Easily answer enquiries

If visitors have questions, they simply want answers, and there’s nothing easier than web chat. The communication channel instantly connects the visitor to the representative, where they can have their enquiry answered in real time, via text-based messages. It’s quick, convenient, simple!

A web chat system provides a channel where visitors will not be overheard when enquiring, allowing them to ask their questions regardless of their location. Even the most sensitive enquiry can take place in a crowded place.

Visitors don’t want to be waiting for a reply or held in a queue. They want their answer so they can make a decision whether to purchase, allowing them to continue with their busy lifestyles. Helping your visitors’ more quickly whilst maintaining accuracy is a guaranteed way of increasing satisfaction and improving your organisation’s performance.

Representatives are able to provide speedy responses by having access to functionality that allows the operator to view the message as the visitor is typing it. This enables them to start composing how they are going to reply as they have an understanding of what the enquiry regards.

Another way representatives can increase their response times is with the use of Predefined Replies (also known as canned responses). This is a library of pre-agreed answers to frequently asked questions, that operators are able to access during chat. Some systems will allow the user to select a reply and edit it before sending it to the visitor, allowing them to tailor the response more accurately to the enquiry.

Alternatively, if the information is already available on the website, more advanced solutions will allow the representative to push the relevant page through to the visitor. This automatically opens in a new tab of their browser, which enables your operators to signpost the enquirer to the correct page.

Operators can also view a replica of the page the visitor is viewing, with the use of the Co-Browse functionality. This allows them to advise them more accurately, as for example, if the visitor has received an error message or is having difficulty completing an online form the representative can help more quickly as they can understand exactly what the visitor is experiencing.

The windshield might be a bit murky right now, but there’s no harm in trying out a web chat system to improve your customers’ journey. Sometimes the simplest of methods are the most effective.

What projects are your company looking into to drive your business forward?