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Become an Advanced and Smart Designer with Fusion 360 !

Wednesday November 23, 2016,

3 min Read

H.R. Cad Centre is an Autodesk Authorised AutoCAD Training Institute in New Delhi, India and lays special efforts to provide an advanced and comprehensive learning platform to all the engineers, architects and 3D Design developers. A new, innovative, modern and user-friendly tool with the name Fusion 360 is now available at H.R. Cad Centre.

Fusion 360, launched in 2009 is an advanced learning resource initiate to enhance the technical and industrial skills within the attendees and trainees, and upgrade them with respect to the implementation and functioning of the tool. It serves as an influential medium for engineers and helps in boosting their designing skills and knowledge. Moreover, it offers an effectual technical advancement in both mechanical and business development field. Fusion 360 is the first 3D tool, which offers all kinds of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) facility in a single platform. It helps to design and efficiently develop the entire application, and the cloud-based technology offers great assistance in the process of collaboration. One can work with anyone located anywhere running any device. H.R. Cad Centre is an ideal place for learning Fusion 360, since our entire curriculum is structured under the guidance of knowledgeable experts and is based on the latest technological and industrial requirements. Best AutoCad Training Institute in Delhi

The subject matter experts and mentors appointed at H.R. Cad Centre hold great teaching experience and are dedicated to accelerate both knowledge and confidence levels in the students’ personality through their advanced and practical training sessions. Moreover, regular assignments and live projects are assigned to the attendees during the training programme in order to prepare them according to the industrial trend of the Software/ IT sector. Workshops, seminars and conferences are also organized regularly to motivate the candidates and improve their oral communication skills. It is our sole intent to build better levels of technical competency in our trainees, and provide them with the best training and employment assistance.

Fusion 360 training makes the individual capable of handling : Solidworks Certification Centre in Delhi


Freeform & Solid Modeling

Parametric & Mesh Modeling


Replicate, translate and reproduce the data

Facility for simulation and testing

Assembly or group modeling

Machining & Fabrication:

Digitally Fabricate

Axis Machining

3- Dimensional Drawings

Fusion 360 is compatible with both PC’s and MAC, and keeps the data safe and secure on the cloud. It furthermore, offers the facility of unlimited storage, and the project data can be accessed from any location and device. The tool comes with an additional feature of offline mode, and the design files can be created and thereafter can be saved according to the same process followed while working online. Fusion 360 in an all-inclusive application tool collaborated with CAD, CAM and CAE facility and is an advancement in the current technologically advanced world.

Fusion 360 is the latest software of 3D CAD, CAM and CAE to create the most amazing and most perfect designs. H.R. Cad Centre an Autodesk certified institute is imparting the precious training to the aspirants. Please check Smart Designer with Fusion 360 Course in Delhi

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