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Digital marketing Vs traditional marketing

Tuesday June 06, 2017,

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Though these words are hard to hear, they are facts. Wondering about what I am talking? I am talking about Digital Marketing Revolution. Yes! “Digital marketing is killing traditional advertising”.

“Digital Marketing is taking over the Traditional Advertising”.

Since the internet is more reachable to people, communication has become change and easier. As this is the reason, marketers are started approaching audience through different platforms of the Internet.

Why Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing?

This is the era that most of the organizations are approaching digital marketing practices in order to attract, engage their audience & to represent their business in online.

There are several reasons behind this. Like

Cost / Budget:

Budget is the key aspect for any organizations. Especially for small & medium organizations. Many organizations failed to allocate the budget on the right advertising platform, at the right time, to reach the right customers.

Digital Marketing:

Already we have discussed that most of the people are spending their time on the internet in order to perform several activities like interacting with people, R&D, purchase, etc. According to researchers, in an average human spends more than 9 hours per day on the internet like Social media, YouTube, Blogs, Emails, E-commerce, research etc.

Hence, reaching the audience through the internet has become very narrow.

Online – Search Advertising

Online – Display Advertising

These are the platforms that you can spend the minimum budget to reach a maximum targeted audience. For example, in order to reach 200 target users, you should spend $1-$3 on search advertising & $5-$10 on display advertising respectively.

“Do you know one thing? Email marketing is free of cost which is most widely used the technique to reach the audience”.

Traditional Marketing:

This is absolutely contrasting with digital marketing. In traditional marketing, you can’t segment & narrow advertising platforms as there are a number of platforms. Such as, TV, New Paper, Magazines, Radio, Catalog, Direct mail, Hoardings, Banners, etc. You should spend more budget compared to digital marketing in order to reach the target audience as you can’t narrow traditional advertising platforms.


How many people engaged with your advertising is matter, rather, on how many platforms you advertising showed.

Digital Marketing:

Through Digital Marketing advertising platforms, you can reach the maximum number of the audience within your budget. All kinds of the audience were engaged in the digital marketing channels like social media, search engines, email campaigns, PPC. Social media is the next big thing in reaching the audience. In 2014 according to Hubspot, almost 92% of the marketers told that social media took a major role in enhancing their business 80% more aggressive by increasing their website traffic.

Traditional Marketing:

Reachability through traditional marketing methods like print media, TV commercials, Radio are typically very low as only few audience were engaged. Researchers tell us that, 86% of the audience will skip the TV commercial ads.


Analytics are the metrics to understand the reachability of any advertisement. Analytics will make us understand qualitative & quantitative data through powerful insights. These insights help us to take business decisions.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing presents you informative, understandable segmented data. There are some tools like Google Analytics, which enables you to access your advertisement insights. Through these insights, you can pull the demographic data like a number of the audience engaged with our ad, location, type, language, gender, age, title, etc.

Traditional Marketing:

You can’t pull analytics data from traditional marketing methods. Moreover, it’s very hard to understand the reachability. For example, you advertised on newspaper. Next day, you can’t get the analytics data like the reach of audience, ROI etc.


Flexibility is the matter of taking your own decisions on allocating advertising budget, duration, time etc.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing advertising platforms facilitate you to take flexibility decisions on advertising. You can set up your own advertising budget based on your business requirements. You can set the Cost Per Click (CPC) budget for each ad. You can set the ad campaign at your required time and date. Excited to see these? Yes! There are many other benefits with digital marketing advertising platform.

“You can narrow the targeting customers in the digital marketing advertising platforms”.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing advertising platforms regulate you in advertising at your flexible timings within your budget to reach the maximum audience.

Finally, you may wonder with to the above facts. But, it’s true. Digital marketing offers cutting edge advertising platforms. Digital Marketing is taking over the traditional marketing methods like SEO services, search engine marketing services, social media marketing services.