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Murphy Bed Bedroom Ideas

Murphy Bed Bedroom Ideas

Sunday March 26, 2017,

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The Murphy bed was named after creator William Murphy and it is sometimes called a foldaway bed. The bed grew in popularity among apartment and small home dwellers looking for clever ways to deal with a small space. The Murphy bed gives the designer more options for making the best use of the space in a room when the bed is folded up and not in use, and is one of the most popular UK beds today.


The Murphy bed is an ideal choice for the guest bedroom in your home. For many people, sleepover guests might occur one or two times per year. A Murphy bed can be folded up and stored away, leaving more space for a home office or gym.

Even if you don't use the room for any other purpose than a guest room, folding up the bed and tidying up the room when guests leave gives you the option to do something with the room any time you want. Use it to store extra household supplies if you want, just make sure the room is cleared out when guests arrive.

Children's Room

Murphy beds can be used in a children's room when you need the extra space for a play area for the children. Not every home has a playroom or family room and folding up the bed and giving the kids plenty of room to spread out and play provides you with that extra space. It also discourages kids from bouncing on their beds when they have friends over.

The Murphy bed might be difficult for a child to put away every day. Consider only putting it back in its wall space when the extra room is needed. The extra space can also be used to set up a small tent and sleeping bags when a friend is coming for a sleepover.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is not often the room you think of when you are considering a Murphy bed; however, if you have a small bedroom it might prove to be very valuable. Many people enjoy working out in their room or using their bedroom as a sanctuary to practice their meditation or yoga. Folding up the bed gives you plenty of space on the floor to do anything you might want to do in the privacy of your own bedroom.

The Murphy bed is more comfortable than a fold-up bed or hideaway. The mattresses used on Murphy beds are the same type you would have on your traditional bed, and most allow the mattress to be stored in place, but you should research the particular bed you are buying to be sure.