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TagOpp - Next generaton IT career coach

If you are unsure about what after college, you are not alone, there is help..

Thursday September 08, 2016,

2 min Read

There are 15 lakhs new engineering graduates entering job market every year in India and a small percentage (5-7%) of them finds a job. This is a real problem especially for the graduates coming out in the second tier colleges.

They lack guidance on latest IT trends, tools, training, certification, Job search tips and other options to keep them engaged while they find a job. Most of us have been through in early days of the career unless they get through the campus recruitment.

We @TagOpp we want to do our bit to help solve the problem in our own unique way. We leverage the power of most popular conversational platform - Facebook messenger.We want to make meaningful difference within the young IT graduates and engineers. We want to introduce them to the global economy and various IT opportunities that exists across the world, if they train themselves with the right IT skills.

TagOpp is a world's first AI messenger Bot for Career coaching and job seekers. This TagOpp bot built on facebook messenger help users interact in a conversational manner. The mission is to help provide a 360 guidance on all aspects to help them find a right job. We cover hottest IT trends, latest training & certification, Job search tips on how to find the right in a competitive market, and many freelancing options.

In future versions, we want to introduce advanced AI where the BOT will guide you on the career transitions, job location analytics in a personalized manner. It will be a virtual assistant that will learn and grow with your career and always be ready with new trends/jobs when you need!

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