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How a pharma-based professional turned a rooftop organic gardener and entrepreneur in organic farming

Transition of interest to innovation in rooftop organic farming

How a pharma-based professional turned a rooftop organic gardener and entrepreneur in organic farming

Sunday September 24, 2017,

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My story of Roof top Organic gardening starts with finding problem to get reliable source of organic vegetable in our city. we know well that it is hard to find reliable source of organic vegetables in India, as there is lack of awareness in farmers community about organic farming.

Pharmaceutical education background let me understand the negative effects of chemicals used in farming. Some of the chemicals used are carcinogenic and teratogenic. By anyway i have to stop this chemicals to enter in family. The best option is to purchase organic food. But lack of availability bring me to grow organic vegetable on roof.

Organic farming development is one the challenge in india. As lack of information available. This organic gardening interest turns into research project for me. Every single possibility we want to check in our garden. Without my family support this will not be happen. All my family members join this project to produce organic vegetables.


About two years ago we have started planning for organic Roof top garden. Every day i was searching for list of requirement for organic farming on rooftop. I meet few dealers for helping in this project. I have decided on several ideal for For this we have use very flexible UV protected nursery bag. We have purchase 25 kg of nursery bag. This bag is not available on cheaper rate. Then we find manufacturer and purchase 25 kg of bag. This is much higher quantity but we want to expand it later.

Advantage of root top organic farming is to decrease dependency on other for organic vegetables. Reduce food crises in India. Decrease house temperature. And finally better exercise dose for urban people.

We have about 15 x 40 feet rooftop. we use 15 x 20 feet for our gardening project. Bag size is 18 x 18. one bag ideal to grow two vegetable crops. To protect crops from rains and high sunlight we cover it like small greenhouse. Initially we thinks that this will difficult for us to manage. We will so much self motivated for organic farming that every difficulties turns into challenging task for us and we have to find cost effective solution.

First season of plantation, we grow lady finger, Beans and Cow pea. The reason behind cow pea plantation is to increase bacterial count in soil. Also cow pea waste root also useful as a source of fertilizer for next plantation. we have carried out several research for proper functioning of rooftop garden. Like use of different bacteria for farming. Growing of bacteria in our small lab at home.

<h3>Rooftop Organic Garden developed in UV protected bag</h3>

Rooftop Organic Garden developed in UV protected bag

We have purchase different biological product from local dealers to be used in farming. Organic gardening task is challenging for first six month of implementation. Some of the fertilizer we have purchase from outside the state to find effectiveness.

Second season we try for tomato, cilantro, broccoli, cabbage, chili, Brinjal. We have check every source of raw material for organic farming. Still we miss something in our garden. Then we have decide to find waste material that best use for organic vegetable garden. The best source of organic fertilizer is within our area.

And Bingo.

This results in One of the Top 20 Social Innovators of India 2016-17. We got national award from NITI ayog adn Ministry of External Affairs.

We awarded by Dr. V K Singh and have a golden chance for Group Photo with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at 2017. Journey of Entrepreneurship start with this achievement. establish our firm as startup for organic farming promotion with latest technology product and rooftop gardening promoter.

<h3 style=

Photograph with Prime Minister of India at Award Function in January 2017" alt="

Photograph with Prime Minister of India at Award Function in January 2017

" />Our Roof top organic garden become national famous. We have develop methods to reduce cost of Roof top organic garden. Now We provide kit and methods to those who wants to develop organic garden on Rooftop. Our new organization namely Vise Organic is establish from all research of organic gardening on our rooftop.We have also develop other research product for pest protection. Our Mechanical barrier protects brinjal from fruit borer larva.

From us farmer can get cost effective methods for farming in organic manner. We also provide cost effective roof top gardening kit.