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How to grow and monetize your Instagram account – expert tips

This article will describe how to utilize Instagram with your direct sales advertising business. The reason for this article is to turn your Instagram account into a profits chance.

How to grow and monetize your Instagram account – expert tips

Saturday April 07, 2018,

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You must be having an Instagram account and have the desire to grow and monetize it. The only problem and really a big one is if you are short of ideas on how to do that. If you have such a desire and is running short of ideas then you are at the right place. 

How To Grow and Monetize Your Instagram Account 

How To Grow and Monetize Your Instagram Account 

As you continue reading you will have plenty of ideas to grow and monetize your Instagram account. Let us see some of the ways to do so.

Ways to grow your Instagram account

There are many ideas which you can follow to grow and monetize your Instagram account. The first and foremost thing is to grow your Instagram account

Avoid using banned hashtags: 

There are some hashtags that are banned. You must avoid using those banned hashtags if you wish to have growth in your Instagram account.

Use location sticker: 

Do not forget to add the location sticker to the stories that you post. It is seen that people wish to search for destinations using Instagram. So, if you add the location sticker then views will know which location the story is about and can increase your number of followers.

Use less popular hashtags: 

It is very alluring to add popular hashtags to your images or descriptions. But if you use the less popular ones then you will be able to fast growth of your Instagram account. There are tools which you can use to search for less popular hashtags.

Play with the bio: 

These 160 characters, when used wisely, can help you to have new followers. Tell them in an interesting and attractive manner about yourself so that they become more attracted towards yourself and you have the desired growth of your account.

Properly chose the account name: 

If you are a famous person then it is a different perspective otherwise do not use your own name as the name of your Instagram account. Use any keyword which is frequently searched by views as the name of your Instagram account.

Join a pod: 

Create a pod or join one. Being in such a group and having shares and comments from genuine persons will increase the weight of your post and views will love to be your followers.

Following these steps, you can have fast growth of your Instagram account. Now it is time to see how to monetize the Instagram account that you have.

Ways to monetize your Instagram account

Yes, now you have the desired growth of your Instagram account. Now it is to be seen how you can monetize the account that you have grown. Let us have a look at those.

Have increased followers: 

You need a significant number of followers to your Instagram account so that you can be seen more and have the chance of turning those leads into sales. There are ways of increasing the number of followers and following those ways you can effectively monetize your Instagram account.

Provide links: 

Each and every post, blog or picture that you post on your Instagram must have a link which will enable the viewer to buy that product or service from you. Yes, we know that Instagram does not allow posting such link which can be clicked to be directed to the sales page but if you have such links then views will have the option to buy and enable you to monetize your Instagram account.

Share beautiful images: 

Have beautiful images on your Instagram account to tell the story of your brand. The quality pictures must appeal to the visual sense of the views regarding your product and make them buy those from you.

Like if you are selling yoghurt then you must have quality pictures which will let views know about the benefits of using such yoghurt and maybe even how they can use that in different cooking recipes. Always share the recent photos so that customers do not get confused after buying that from you.

Have videos on your account: 

Instagram now allows sharing 15-second video. Make full use of these 15 seconds to make a permanent impression on the mind of the viewer. It must be such creative that customers will not think of anyone else than you when they intend to have such services or products.

Involve your followers: 

Involve some of your followers to do the job for you. You must have noticed that if you give little recognition to some of your followers by letting them post their pictures or videos in your profile then they will do anything for you. This will help you to engage your follower and at the same time outsource unique and superior content.

Run contests: 

Run contests and reward followers who like your pictures and videos. Make them aware how the time is running out and the chance that they are missing. Share coupons as rewards and have desired business growth while monetizing your Instagram account.

So, follow these steps and have growth and monetization of your Instagram account.

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