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Teeadda - Just a few days startup firm making impact in apparel eCommerce sector


Saturday July 23, 2016,

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We all know Pune is presently one of the fastest growing IT hub where there is a huge demand of costumes like creatively designed t shirts , hoodies, tank tops, women tops and many more. The new innovative startup firm Teeadda ( http://www.teeadda.com ) has identified the opportunity and have given opportunity to designers ( or any normal user ) a platform to design their own concept tee shirts. The most important factor is that there are no registration fees nor any fees to design tee shirts.

How it started:

Teeadda is run by Rohan Koshti and two other team members who looks after designing and stocks -inventory. Teeadda is also currently looking for funding . Teeadda has been started in June'16 and has over 4000 sessions and more than 200 users just within 6 days of the start. Due to low cost in all the inputs, Teeadda sales its products at very low cost to its customers.


Teeadda have many users / designers registered on their portal and are growing rapidly in the industry. Teeadda also provides tees to various Corporate clients in the industry. One of them would be Movinza Solutions to mention.

How it Works:

Designers: Designers can easily register on Teeadda by using this link. Teeadda has also provided facility for users to login with their Google / Facebook accounts. Teeadda has provided the designers various clip arts, funny images, which they can use to easily design the shirts. Designers of the tee shirts / Hoodies/ Tops/ Tank TOPS can decide price for their designed concepts. With this facility of setting the price, designers can decide their own profit for their designs. Then comes the most important part which is spreading your designs on social media like Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linked, pinterest, etc.


Teeadda proves to be a great platform for students of colleges to run their campaign. With its HIGH quality designs and products Teeadda is already making a huge impact in the eCommerce market of Pune. In the coming fiscal, Teeadda looks to gain more market and sales. Teeadda provides FREE SHIPPING for all of its apparel


Teeadda.com is currently looking for investments to spread its business across India. Apparel industry in the market is a never ending one and Teeadda definitely looks to be among on the TOP in coming future in this sector.