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How I decided to take the road less travelled

There comes a time in your life when you have to make a tough choice that can impact your entire career. Some call it the AHA Moment, others call it Self Realization, but for me it was "Just Do It".

How I decided to take the road less travelled

Saturday December 02, 2017,

4 min Read

We all grow up with lots of fantasies and ideas about our future but when the time comes, we become realistic, practical and rational. We start to believe the outer world and make the noise of other's opinions louder instead of listening to our calm inner voice.

That's the story everyone can resonate with. It takes lot of courage and efforts to identify our true potential and lucky are those who are able to do it successfully.

I am glad I was able to make that choice. 

It was in my college time that I was very fascinated by new ideas and innovations. I used to read a lot of business magazines, watch business news and participate in biz competitions.

I was fully convinced that the only way to change world and make it a better place is through entrepreneurship. Edison, Newton or Ford they all were great entrepreneurs. 

Being a daydreamer is an added advantage since I was never short of ideas. The best place to execute ideas is Entrepreneurship. You have to try different plans and see which one can give the best returns.

In a job, there are certain set patterns which you need to follow and it restricts the out of box thinking. Although I had a good job but still everyday the inner voice would urged me to do something different.

In life, you always know in your heart, what you want to achieve and what is your real strengths & weaknesses. But the tough thing is identify it and execute in day to day life.

In India, we are always goverened by external voice of society. Many people take engineering or become doctors just because of family, relatives or to prove someone. Our criteria for selection is never on the basis of our own likes & dislikes.


But it's good that people are now becoming more aware and conscious of the career choices they want to make in their life.

So in my case, It's been more than six months that I was in my job but didn't know what to do. 

There was a lot of buzz around new startups and companies being created in India. Young people who are in their twenties were getting million dollar funding. They were dreaming to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

I always knew that Entrepreneurship can never be a hobby or a side business. It can also not be a fashion statement. Being a CEO in your Linkedin profile doesn't guarantee success. 

But being someone who has always believed to take The Road Less Travelled, I was now starting to convince myself that either I can continue with my job or take the big decision.

The battle in my head was much intense than any India-Pak match. I talked to my friends and they told me to wait for 2-3 years, get some good experience and then follow the path of entrepreneurship. The problem is that when you continue something that you don't like for a long time, it becomes an unnecessary burden. 

In USA, the reason many people take entrepreneurship is that they want to contribute towards something which is more productive and they believe in their ideas.

So after talking for two months with my friends, family and ex-colleagues...I was not convinced by their opinions. 

I told myself that even if I go wrong, I would still blame me rather than pointing fingers at anyone. I knew that becoming an entrepreneur for me is more than anything staying true to myself and following my passion. 

There were some ideas which were already in my head and I knew I could execute them.  

You can't be 100% sure about anything. So you have to believe in something maybe gut or destiny. 

When you are in your mid 20's, there is a lot of enthusiasm, zeal, and energy to do new things. You can either focus it in a new direction or continue doing monotonous work.  

So I finally took the decision. Resigned and left the certain life to lead an uncertain, adventurous and more meaningful life.