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How a student become a wedding photographer

I’m a Wedding Photographer who loves to take photographs of traditional Photography, Candid Photography. My approach is modern yet in keeping with the traditional. Where the amazing moments are captured in different ways.

How a student become a wedding photographer

Tuesday November 15, 2016,

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Giri Stills Journey

From my childhood, I had my own way of seeing things in life and my view or my perspective didn't change. I loved the world with how I saw it. Later during my high-school, I got an idea like why don't others see the world as I see? This idea continued to stick on to my mind and wanted to explore my options to implement my idea. That's when photography grabbed my interest, and after I got a camera, that's when I fell in love with that art from what could it do. Later as my life prolonged, my father started to see the man in me. As my life transformed with all it could teach and I too groomed with what I learnt from life. Though I had my life find a firm place to stand on, my passion for the photography, the passions for allowing others to see the world and it's beauty through my lens, did not die. I started my career in videography, as a freelancer, with a profound rejection for my Wife's idea for me to do a business. Those where the times, I learned a lot about the technology in improving how I visualize what I could see. I was more concerned on honing my skills in that field and did what all I could and learnt what and from where all I could. As time flowed by as a stream of water, the ripples of the waves dragged my mind into photography.

Not Only India

We got many projects in many places like Tiruppur-Coimbatore-Bangalore-TN-Gujarat-Rajastan-Delhi...etc. We were not and did not seem done with those and continued our work to earn more projects from overseas like Sri Lanka, Australia and Singapore. With all those badges and reputations hanging on our shirts, we established Giri Stills.

25 years Experience with 3560 weddings

With celebration of our 25th anniversary on 2016 with 3560 Weddings, I got the nostalgia of all those difficult times where we crossed many hurdles and all the tough times we had gone through with that persistence still burning in the mind.

Team Hard work

<h2><b>My Team - My Family</b></h2>

My Team - My Family

I can't still figure out if it was my perspective or any inspiration that changed the way I saw everything. There were moments that still staying in my heart as a scar, triggering a sweet sensation in my nerves. That's when the art of photography inspired me much more. I then captured all my happy moments on a sheet of paper, from the time I learnt the art. Here now I am with all the time, money and effort put it and not gone waste, established my name with carving a niche for myself with my hard work, luck, patience and most importantly my one and only wife who has my heart and soul safe and sound. Then I open my wings and flapped them with all my strength to earn projects all over India and even overseas. I still have that sweet smile of astonishment where I am right now, whenever I get the nostalgia of my start. I was there standing with an old Pantec Camera and 4 of my buddies. Now I’m the one who is having all the latest cameras like 1DX Mark II for wedding photography, Red Dragon for Corporate videos, 4k cameras to shoot the wedding in Coimbatore. Innovation and sincerity was what I saw that brought me to how I am by transforming and reforming me constantly. Still I cherish the moment when we started out photography moment with just 4 members and now it became 40 members team, In each department we have well trained professionals with Advance equipment.

Now here I stand successful holding a portfolio of solutions and offerings which can be customized based on individual needs, some of most preferred offerings from our esteemed customer are given as below:

Wedding photography- Remembering all those moments when your fates intertwine.

Candid photography - scribing live moments on sheet of paper.

Traditional photography - Holding the moments with a traditional theme.

Portrait photography - Presenting a scene with uplifting to make the moment iconic.

Modeling photography - Snapping the Attires that attract the attention.

Destination Wedding Photography - Making the place more memorable.

Montage video - chunks of chuckling memories caught on reel.

Streaming video - Live streaming of videos online

Still more - Post Wedding Photography,Maternity photography,Kids Photography,Industrial Photography,Corporate videos, Nature Photography, etc,...


I still have the dreams as to expand my work into a big studio in various countries and to give job offers for many.