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What Bollywood villains teach us about digital marketing!

Bollywood Villains have always been known to tell us about things that we are not supposed to do. However, their most famous dialogues carry hidden messages. In this article, we decipher the code to learn a thing or two about Digital Marketing as told by these iconic Bollywood villains! 

Bollywood villains are a tough lot. Gabbar ruled over hundreds of villages in Chambal and Shakaal built a whole freaking island for himself, complete with rotating conference facility and a private crocodile pool. How did they manage such a huge commercial success? What’s their secret sauce?

The answer is out there if you read between the lines. Let’s dissect these Bollywood villains’ famous dialogues and see if we can better our Digital Marketing skills.

Being resourceful is not optional

Two invaluable marketing lessons are hidden in this iconic dialogue. First, you don't want to go to market unprepared. And the second, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. I couldn’t help admiring Shakaal’s pre-planning when I saw the handcuffs popping out of the chair’s armrest or the crocodile pool built right underneath his levee.

Your campaign plan needs to be elaborate and well thought out. Larger campaigns need to be planned in phases. Spread your activities across various channels. And based on continuous analysis of your campaign, decide rollout strategy for the next phase.

get your timing right

Timing is everything. And Gabbar knows this better than anyone else. Campaigns built around festivals, seasons, special days etc. are great examples of smartly using heightened emotions of your TG to drive conversion. Can you link your product with any such event?

The best part of working on this strategy is that you can pre-plan such activities. And you can compare different strategies once you do this again and again.

Keep reinforcing the brand

You could forget everything but not his name. The moment you see Prem Chopra, his iconic dialogue starts ringing in your mind. Can you do that with your ad?

While counting the number of clicks, likes, and impressions; are you earning brand recall too? If not, then you are losing a huge opportunity. Digital Marketers often carry a frivolous approach towards brand recall. All they focus on is the CTR and CPC. If so, then you are on your way to getting lost in the digital chaos.

Stay focused on bringing in traffic 

Your search/display ad is useless unless it brings in traffic. You need to have your call-to-action direct and bold. Also, the traffic needs to be relevant. Remember that Amrish Puri says this to Sridevi and not to Nirupa Roy. You can only have conversion if the traffic is relevant!

Never let go of a lead without conversion

No one has explained the importance of conversion like our very own Crime Master Gogo. All your blood, sweat and tears spent on bringing in the lead are a waste if the visitor leaves the landing page without getting converted.

Keep in mind Gogo’s unwavering focus on conversion while planning on your own conversion optimization.

Hope you take away these invaluable lessons from our favorite bad boys and create superhit digital campaigns.

Can you think of more such lessons that we can learn from Bollywood baddies!

Source: Chirag Dagli - Linkedin  Ecumen