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10 helpful tips to make diaper changing fun and fuss-free

10 helpful tips to make diaper changing fun and fuss-free

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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Being a new mom or dad, changing diapers is one of those nightmarish chores you have to do several times a day for years. No matter how cooperative your baby or toddler is, the thought of changing your baby’s diaper makes you apprehensive and stressful. If you’re the one who often struggles through diaper changes, follow these ten essential tips to make the process fun and easier for you both!

Choose the Right Diaper:

Whether you prefer to use cloth or disposable diapers, always buy the correct sized diapers for your little one. If the diaper is too small, your baby may feel uncomfortable and even develop rashes. On the other hand, if the diaper is too large, there will be gaps around its edges that can cause leakage. Hence, make sure the diaper is neither too big nor too small for your little one.

Set Up Multiple Changing Stations:

To minimize your search for diaper changing essentials, set up multiple changing stations throughout your house. Particularly when you have more than one floor in your home, setting up several changing stations proves quite useful as you don’t need to run up and down the stairs to get a diaper every time there is an emergency. After all, you can’t have a have a changing table in each and every area of your house.

Get Everything Ready:

Before you start the diaper change, be sure you have everything within your arm’s reach. There's nothing worse than jumping up in the middle of a diaper change to grab wipes, cotton balls, or any other stuff. The best way to deal with this problem is assembling your supplies in one central location, such as your baby diaper bag or a changing table. Thus, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips in case of a blow-out.

Distract Your Little One:

Distraction is the key to success in the game of diaper changing! Sing a song, shake a rattle, make funny faces, install a mobile over the changing table, hand over a special toy or do whatever you can to distract your little one as you change his diaper. Keeping your toddler occupied and entertained for the amount of time it takes to change a diaper, all these distractions ensure you’ll face less wiggling and struggle during changes.

Be Proactive Against Diaper Rash:

To prevent your little cherub from developing diaper rashes, apply a thin layer of anti-bacterial diaper rash cream to his bottom every time you change the diaper. This will help lock in moisture and thus protect your baby’s skin from nappy rash. Be sure the newborn’s skin is completely dry before you apply any rash cream or ointment to it. Another simple thing you can do to prevent and heal the diaper rash is keeping your infant diaper-free for at least one hour a day.

Use the Dirty Diaper to Clean:

Instead of wasting a handful of baby wipes, use the unsoiled parts of the dirty diaper to gather up as much of the poop as possible. As the diaper is sturdy, you can use it to give your little one an initial wipe. Doing so will help you clean the mess off your baby’s bottom as well as you can save some money on baby wipes. Just be sure not to spread any waste around while using the dirty diaper to clean the bottom area.

Pay Attention to Safety:

If you’re using a changing table to change your baby’s diaper, don’t forget to buckle him in safety straps. Even, the same rule applies to newborns who can’t roll over the table’s surface. As your baby’s safety matters the most, always keep a constant eye on your little one during diaper changes. Instead of relying too much on safety straps, keep a hand on your infant at all times to prevent him from falling down the table.

Maintain Personal Hygiene:

When changing your baby’s diaper, take adequate precautions to stop the germs from spreading one place to another. Make sure your little sidekick doesn’t touch his bottom area during a change. Wash off yours and your infant’s hands before and after a diaper changing session. If you’re using a changing mat or table, be sure it is dirt free and hygienic. In the case of cloth diapers, presoak them in lukewarm water before you wash them.

Change Diapers More Often:

As a wet or dirty diaper can irritate your baby’s skin and lead to a diaper rash, change your infant’s diaper as soon as you realize it is soiled and heavy. Simply squeeze the diaper lightly to test if it is dry or wet. If you find any signs of wetness in the diaper, change it immediately. Also, make it a habit to check your little one’s diaper for wetness every couple of hours.

Enlist the Help of Siblings:

If you have older children at your home, let them participate in the fun game of diaper changing. As you change the diaper, ask your baby’s siblings to lie down next to him and do the interesting work of keeping your squirmy little one distracted and entertained. Babies love to play with their older siblings and that’s the main reason why you should include them in diaper changing task.

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