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The Spirit Of Celebration

I got up with low feeling. From yesterday, one thing was keep bothering me. I could not sleep well too. Not all things were going smooth as needed, I was facing challenges.  Since my childhood, I was taught and raised to do my best at all time. That positive attitude was in my blood so I was determined to overcome the challenges.

Friday October 28, 2016,

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Today is a special day. It’s “Ganesh Chaturthi”, a Hindu festival! Though my mood was not set, still I decided to get started to perform my regular routine. I helped kids to get ready for the day, packed their lunches and dropped them to the school. On my way back to home, there is park with lush green garden and beautiful nature at it’s every corner. I decided to collect the durva. “Durva” are special type of grass with three leaves at its stem/node. Not every place I can find them. In that sense this place is extra special. I started collecting them, the morning breeze and fragrance was still in the air and striking sun rays were adding life everywhere. I came home with that fresh feeling. I took nice long bath and got ready for the day.

My memories of Ganesh were keep flashing on and off. I could relate the impact of them on me. My mom used to give us some chores to embrace the spirit and then we used to flow along with her spirit of celebration. Me and my sister were used to go out to collect the 21 special types of leaves and flowers. Drawing Ganesh’s footsteps were my favorite routine of all. And then listening the same story again every year from mom, that those footsteps welcome Ganesh to our home for Pooja and Prasad.

I collected roses from my garden. I wanted to add special Pooja effect; I started preparation for good decoration. I prepared special dinner and the Prasad of modak. The Modak are special desert of Ganesh choice. As per mythology stories, Ganesh is food lover and Modak and Kheer is his favorite desert.

It was almost a time for my kids to come home. I went and picked them from the school. On my way back home, I shared with them the importance of this day and shared the stories of it. Their curious minds were listening and I was able to see the striking imagination in their eyes. As they come home, my son said, “Can I draw Ganesh footsteps?” Those words got my attention with happiness.

In the evening, we all sat for Pooja. My husband mounted the Ganesh idol and performed the Pooja. My kids happily chanted the Ganesh Ashtakam and Pooja that they performed at bal-vihar. The evening was filled with flower and chandan fragrance. The sound of bell and chanting uplifted the mind and soul. It was shining with happiness and the spirit of celebration was flowing once again…!

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