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He has taken challenge of making USA in India at the age of 21.

A technocrat with the most upgraded innovation and regular analyst connected with Gem and Jewelry Industry. 

He has taken challenge of making USA in India at the age of 21.

Monday January 23, 2017,

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Vibrant Surti is back with an another lively identity of Surat who has taken challenge of making USA in India at the age of just 21. A technobrama with the most upgraded innovation and regular analyst connected with Gem and Jewelry Industry.

We don't require a presentation of Mr. Gold Medalist in entire university with the stream of Electronics building. None another than Mr. Utpal Arvindbhai Mistry.

Thank you very much Mr. Utpal for sparing your valuable time for VibrantSurti and such an enthusiastic discussion.

May be the industry knows Utpalbhai since 1992, when he ventured down in Diamond Industry with first historically speaking made Bruting Machine for giving a programmed shape to Rough Diamonds. We have attempted to unfold an untold story behind this successful technobrama through platform of VibrantSurti.

Q-1: Can you highlight your journey timeline since youth to University topper?

A-1: Utpalbhai:

I was born blessed. A Happy Go Lucky individual - appropriate from my youth.

We are three Brothers. I am the middle one; as it is said in The Bhagwad GEETA - Medium Path is the best ,fulfilling and rewarding.

We experienced childhood in Middle Class Family. My Parents are the most ideal one, which anyone can dream of . They guaranteed that we as a whole get great Education and sustained incredible values in us. I was honored with a Prestigious Gold Medal - Standing first among all Branches in India from one of a regarded Institution - SVNIT (Former SVR), Surat (http://www.svnit.ac.in) and accomplished a Bachelor's degree in Electronics discipline in year 1989 (precisely 28 years back).

Q-2: How did you forward your progression towards Computers/Technology in starting years?

A-2: Utpalbhai answered:

The Era was of an immense boom & demand in Electronics Engineering - an Era of Birth of the so called first IBM Personal computer - First MS-DOS Based Internet and Google Communication was yet to gain its momentum. As there was a trend of so called Brain-Drain. I was naturally inclined to run away to the most lured country in world - The United States of America.

My Dad kept me down , grounded and so called pulled my leg. He constrained me, convinced me, debilitated me not to leave India and MAKE USA in INDIA!

I was irritated, disappointed. I have already applied for free - scholarships, internships in various universities of USA. All my companions were traveling to another country for settling down and I thought, I will be the most "IDIOT", dupe - staying here in this nation with no hopes of future progress? This was what precisely I was experiencing in my little brain.

After doing One year job in R & D Sector of Essen Computers, I became responsible manager for introducing the First 3.5 inches 1.44 MB Floppy Drive to be supplied to Wipro Computers. So in process I have started developing INDIA’s First Floppy Drive in collaboration with TIAC, JAPAN. without having access to Internet or Google (As this technologies had not yet penetrated in INDIA ). Then for a month, I joined Blue star Electronics (Gandhinagar), who were making Digital Phones, I was back once again with the same adamant hidden zeal of going abroad.

Q-3: How did you finally turned up as an Entrepreneur?

A-3: With a strong determination ,my mother's persuasions & advise and with a perfect planning, decided to start up own venture with supportive job as a lecturer in my own university SVNIT.

I have started my first computer assembling firm to make DIGILOG computers. Annual Maintenance Service charges and training were a good start to build relation with clients with a condition to re-pay in case of faulty hard disks.

I was recognized by a Diamond Merchant to accomplish his job of retrofitting a Machine with Electronic circuits. Somehow I have convinced him to design the machine for Showing a Video Image onto the Computer IBM PC-AT, which can be done today without any fuss even in a mobile. Diamond merchant was keen to commence machine and mentor me time to time for overall usage of machine and outcome results. He got me all technical components required for manufacturing machine. We have even ordered the most expensive component of that time “Creative's Video Blaster Card” in INR 50K. We have worked day and night for manufacturing this machine and successfully completed in a month. This was the beginning of my work profile journey..

Q-4: When could Lexus-SoftMac founded and how could it come into existence?

A-4: After completing one successful machine, Diamond merchant wanted to build bulk of machines for himself and for the market to start with. I was in the air at the time of confirmation.

My Intellectual and brainy Brothers (Elder brother - Mr. Janak Mistry - Diamond Scientist and Younger brother - Mr. Kamal Mistry - A product Engineer as well) came along with me, helped me and christened a different company. LAKEVIEW ENGINEERING AND THE LEXUS ENGINEERS in 1992 and then it is this days. we have developed / conceived / invented / partnered so many Diamond Processing products which are proudly called as conceptualized and proudly MADE in INDIA. Our company LEXUS Group (http://www.lexusindia.in ) is now an ISO 9001:2008 company with our partners / agents in various countries like Belgium. Russia, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Botswana & China.


At that point I had done my MDP from IIM, Ahmadabad in 2005 and accomplished my Master's degree (M.Tech by research in year 2010 (after 20 Years) from the same institute SVNIT, Once again scoring 10 CGPA out of 10 in all the 4 semesters, while doing my Business! The inspirations once again came from my wife , Deepa , by psotively challenging me !!!

Aah, it was Vibrant, isn’ it? And Motivational, inspiring too. We wish, we could have taken a video interview of Utpalbhai Mistry. It was a wonderful conversation and glad to have you on platform of VibrantSurti.

Conclusion message - By dear UTPALBHAI!


For all these success and so called accomplishments , I Believe , that it was alt beautifully scripted and crafted exactly like this story in advance by The Almighty - God.

I was just made instrumental and that is it. Normally We all become pretentious and feel proud that it's me who had made all this happen but however trust me when I say this , that it was all Pre-Planned, Pre-composed and pre-outlined in exactly beautiful crafted route by That Supreme Power , Our Almighty God.

My Motto is " The supreme Power , whether you cal it GOD, Allah or Christ or whatever , is absolutely the Most Powerful entity on this planet and your best friend. Just have full Trust in him. He is there to guide you , nurture you and bring that all the needed joy , success and happiness in your life. You can only spread happiness , peace and love in others, if You Yourself are full bundle of pure Joy , happiness and love and are entirely at peace within... because it's simple... You can only give what you have. LOVE YOU ALL.