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How to advertise your e-commerce business offline

How to advertise your e-commerce business offline

Friday July 20, 2018,

4 min Read

After reviewing most businesses’ strategies, you will realize that one of the top priorities of each of them is to advertise its brand and reach as many people as possible. Also, you will realize that most of them prefer online marketing. 


What they fail to understand is that not every individual spends their time online or on social media. Some people are too busy to scroll through newsfeeds, and they will end up missing the big message. As a business owner, how do you go about it? The best way is by going both online and offline. Try both strategies which will help you get a wider coverage than going one way.

Let’shave a look at the best strategy to follow for successful marketing of your firm.

1. Free publicity

This is one of the most effective ways of advertising your small business. What is the free publicity you ask? Today, a lot of media sources are always on the lookout for interesting stories to publish in magazines or press release. You can take advantage of that and let your business be on the top story by giving interesting facts about it that might make to the top. Just because the name says, free publicity does not mean that it comes that easily. You have to come up with something unique and impressive. It is an excellent way of getting your e-commerce ahead of competitors, and it also helps you build a relationship with your prospects.

2. Newspaper advertisement

Every newspaper has that page that is specifically dedicated for ads. Most of them are affordable even for small business, and you can take advantage of that and advertise your online business offline. It is an effective way of reaching the paper lovers who are yet to switch to getting news online. How do you go about it? Make appealing demographics to attract the readers’ attention.

3. Giveaways

Just because you run your business online does not mean that you should not try to reach out to your clients and give them gifts as a way of appreciation. However, you should note that you are in the stage of trying to get your business to stand on its feet. You definitely do not want to spend a fortune trying to appreciate them. Go for smaller and less expensive items. The products may seem small but they will mean a lot to anyone who receives them, and they will want to shop from you more and more.

4. Customized t-shirts

Every startup business requires a plan. After deciding the on the product that you plan to sell, the next thing is to advertise it and let it be known to the world. The number one rule of the game is that you should never overthink. It is all about creativity. Some of the things you may overlook may turn out to be the best. How about coming up with a unique t-shirt design template, which should be your business logo and let it circulate? 

CustomInk, in its study, revealed that more than 90% of Americans wear t-shirts and also, over 75% of those individuals get a strong connection with the person they know custom-designed that t-shirt. You can connect with your target customers by letting them wear a t-shirt with your business logo on the back or front. You can use the t-shirts as giveaways, a reward for loyalty or bonus gifts.

5. Car advertisements

You have probably at one time come across vehicles with companies' phone numbers, names, logos, and websites. It was not a vehicle decoration strategy, but instead, it was a vehicle wrap. You can add these aspects to any part of a vehicle but do it creatively. It is an easy way to reach thousands of people every day.

Try out these simple, affordable tips and see your brand awareness grow drastically.

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