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Fit India: Impact on blue collar jobs sector

High time now when one should focus more on Fit and Healthy India

Fit India: Impact on blue collar jobs sector

Thursday May 31, 2018,

4 min Read


Today, everyone be it an individual or a company seems to be more concerned and focused on industrial development rather than human fhealth. Though one may find term like Human Resource to be in common use, yet we fail to understand its importance. It’s high time now when one should focus more on Fit and Healthy India. This will not only help to make India healthy but also add to the country’s economy. Recently, some bold reforms have been taken by the Government to provide employment opportunities in Blue Collar Jobs Sector. 

1) Ayushman Bharat:

Popularly known as Modi Care, Ayushman Bharat is the world’s largest National Health Protection Scheme that has a huge potential for medical sector jobs. Currently only 1 doctor is available per 1870 people which is nearly halfway of the mark as per the norms prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO). As the infrastructure is enhanced, it will provide jobs to many seekers as the demand for nurses, health workers and fitness trainers is estimated to increase manyfold. The scheme aims to cover secondary and tertiary health care facilities worth Rs. 5 lakh per year per family for 10 crore poor families. This will directly benefit about 40% of India’s population.

2) Medical Tourism:

This term might be new to many. Undoubtedly, India has the world-class facilities available at the cheapest rates. Medical tourism is booming in India, with more and more people from other nations finding India as a top destination for medical care and facilities. With the continuation of this trend, a lot of blue collar jobs have come up in the medical sector. There is a dearth of trained personnel to take care of the patients admitted. More trained staff is needed to cope up with the emergencies that may arise.

3) Mission Indradhanush:

This is flagship program of the Indian Government which aims to immunize all children under the age of 2 years and all pregnant women, against seven vaccine-preventable diseases. One can catch this golden opportunity by working under the child and women welfare department. The role of the candidate employed is to spread awareness among the general public about health-related issues.

>> Many blue-collar and entry-level job portals have come up in India as a rescue for the youth looking after jobs. Undoubtedly, the health sector will continue to expand in the near future. This will ensure job security and one can depend on the facilities provided by the online portals.

>> Now, the time has come when we should consider human as a capital. A healthy soul and mind is an asset for a nation. Fit and healthy person can contribute the most to the economy.

>> To realize the dream of Fit India, many hardships have to be faced courageously. We should carry on the legacy started by sportsman and sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and accept the challenge to exercise daily for keeping ourselves in sound state.

>> The initiatives were taken by Modi Cabinet such as Ayushman Bharat and Mission Indradhanush are the best examples of the social welfare schemes in the world. Modi Care is a program that is more intense than the one launched by Obama Care. The unique feature of National Health Protection Scheme, unlike that of USA’s Care is that it won’t be possible for the next governments to secede from the scheme even if they desire to do so.

>>Blue collar jobs are the most sought-after jobs in India because there is no limit to how much a person can earn in such jobs. Expansion of the fitness sector has strengthened the online job portals to open relentless opportunities for the deserving youth.

Today’s world is of dynamic nature. The economies are linked so deeply that the medical tourism sector will always grow on the positive note. It completely rests on the youth to avail this opportunity and join as a fitness trainer or yoga guru and earn a decent salary. The jobs discussed so far are not exhaustive with many favorable aspects to be unraveled as the time advances. The modern technology of stem cells highlights the level of advancements in the medical and fitness industry. This has created jobs for counselors and personal caretakers.