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Gwalior based Superfine delivery services 

Saturday June 18, 2016,

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I am working with a great startup called "Veggkart". Basically i am from business family, pursuing Btech from mechanical branch in Gwalior. We have a team and all our students and studying in college.Gwalior is a city facing adulteration problem as well as high rate of fresh vegetables and fruits. So I had started a startup 5 months ago with my friend Dewang Chaturvedi. We had succeeded in establishing first home delivery servies with an committment to provide best to our consumers. Basically Veggkart.com is a superfine delivery servcies which provide consumers all their essential needs from groceries to personal care products along with fruits, vegetables and organic products at their doorstep within 60 minutes.We works on the quality enhancement of the vegetables and fruits through various tests and process which makes our product more quality proved. We the team of Veggkart also providing exotics products to our consumers. We are the first to provide tested and certified products to consumers. Our aim is not to just sell, we are here to provide best and quality to our consumers at their doorstep. We believe in providing health, good health to everyone in the world through our servies.

We are successfully giving our servies all over in the city and going to start our services in bhopal and indore within next 15 days. The best moment of my life was hiring post graduate employee MBA for my startup. This was the my first startup's achievement. We had succeeded making a turn over of 3 lakhs within 3 month. And succeeded delivered 800 orders within 5 months. And we our also launching first ever made application for our website which will make our consumer more easy to order with some unique features. We had also got appreciated from Danik Bhaskar Newspaper for our big start. Presently We the team of Veggkart has added a category of Milk products.

Praveen Prajapati