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How AI Impacts Software Testing?

What is the impact of AI in software testing?

How AI Impacts Software Testing?

Saturday April 18, 2020,

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AI technology is the biggest trend in recent times and has made massive strides in automating various business processes, cumbersome operations and much more. One of the biggest applications that AI has proved itself to be amazing is by overcoming increasing software testing and quality assurance. There has been a fear that has been brewing especially for programmers, as there is wide speculation that it could lead to layoffs and unemployment. Let us take a closer look and figure what exactly the impact

What is the impact of AI in software testing?

Artificial intelligence technology has had a deeper impact on software testing, than what you might have thought of. The entire process of software testing is going through a transition from manual testing into scripted-testing. AI has adopted the technology termed as a machine-based intelligence which will make it simpler, quicker and better. There is going to be a shift of job descriptions from the traditional software testing to artificial intelligence testing.

So, rather than fear and reject the transition towards this newer form of technology, the more practical plan of action should be building and maintaining test suites that are AI-based. Instead, testers should add to their testing experience by building data science skills. Data is the future, and preparation needs to begin now to be well-equipped with the future.

Why software testers should not fear AI technology?

Software testers have nothing to fear and more to gain in the future than ever and there is a big fear that machine learning and artificial intelligence could replace jobs. This is just not the case and is nothing more than a misguided fear which absolutely cannot happen. There are countless open-source testing tools that have drastically helped to automate individual test cases and in areas such as compatibility, recovery, usability and user interface.

Machine learning is definitely not going to eliminate software testing jobs and the algorithms can make decisions on the data input by machine learning engineers. No matter how artificial intelligence advances, there will always be a need for testing backgrounds, training software and even analyzing the correctness of artificial intelligence-driven tests.


Artificial intelligence technology should be considered as a necessary tool that is going to redefine the future unlike anything seen before. Artificial intelligence should never be considered as a major threat to the security of software testing jobs, but rather can improve productivity massively by aiding the development of programs. Traditionally, we have been using scripted-testing but now is the chance to move on to AI-enabled testing.

This is an opportunity for software testers to expand their horizons by making their job even more profitable and interesting. Artificial intelligence technology is here for good, but it is easy to help you and not to replace you. Even with the massive developments in artificial intelligence technology, software tester jobs are here to stay.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding the impact of AI technology on software testing. There are big changes coming very soon in the future for this form of technology and there are tools which are only going to make your life easier. So, as a software tester, you have nothing to worry about and just focus on the glorious future ahead.

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