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Google feed optimisation tactics: Top 4 Options

It is important that you only make use of the most profitable Google feed optimization tactics with the right extensions. This will help you to boost your sales and to enjoy the best visibility for your best selling products. 

Google feed optimisation tactics: Top 4 Options

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

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Marketers begin to realize that the quality of their product feed greatly influences the profit margins of their Product Listing Ads – this is very true. But, what are some of the most profitable feed optimizations tactics that advertisers can seek to use today?

In order to maximize their ROI, many online shopping sites that use can use ideal extensions. One such extension is woocommerce google product feed that can be used together with the following optimization tactics to ensure that businesses maximize on profits.

Exclusively Advertising Profitable Products

Many online merchants will include or exclude a number of products from Google-feed for some reasons. Some of the most common reasons include seasonality and too high CPA for least advertised products. Not advertising such products is a very big saving. Some merchants even go one step further to exclude products based on a per-channel basis. It is important to advertise profitable products only on the right channels in order to improve ROI.

Bid for Products that Convert Better in Study

Here is atypical example. If a business knew that size 32 red lady pants would sell better than size 30 black lady pants they could bid differently on both products. They would use color and size as the AdWords to make informed choices. This will greatly improve the e-commerce website’s ROI. In short to perform better it is important to be ready to bid more for products that will convert better – which setting a product target per product type will not achieve.

Advertise What is Available/ What’s in Stock

This part is very important. Usually for any Google product feed to work well you should consider product availability. Usually the “availability” field is important. It ensures that out-of-stock-products are not advertised at any given time. Most shopping carts/ e-commerce websites keep a field for that. But Google only accepts four values namely in stock, available for order, out of stock, and preorder. Advertise what’s readily available always.

Work with Quite Appealing Product Titles

Map your tracking with very appealing product titles. This will ensure that your product listings are indeed compelling enough. With a high tracking performance the Google analytics will allow you to boost your sales in the simplest ways possible.

Finally, you can also highlight the conditions of your products in the same websites too. This means that you can label your product as new or used while putting them up on your woocommerce google shopping extension. 

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