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Aiming to Grow in 2019: Top Reasons to Choose WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

Aiming to Grow in 2019: Top Reasons to Choose WordPress Web Development

Monday December 17, 2018,

4 min Read

With the arrival of a new year, many of us are aiming to expand or grow whereas many professionals, bloggers, new ventures etc. are looking for a perfect opportunity to set up.

And, there always remains a need of powerful and intuitive web platform who can satisfy such aspirations. Here, I would like to list down the top compelling reasons to choose WordPress among various other CMS available that shall help you to decide effectively.

Let’s begin!


As we all know, WordPress is an open-source CMS that is specifically designed to serve you with the best of all. An open-source web platform refers to an opportunity to access its source code freely and modify it further to support your custom business needs. This capability is highly appreciated among developers and business owners.

Now, being open-source, WordPress can be used to develop a new application or modify the existing one with a complete ease without any need for spending money. Its adoption comes without any kind of software limitation and can be easily used for commercial or business activities.


Every website owner setup digital presence with an aim to grow in the future. So, your chosen web platform should also hold the same foundation. In other words, it should be easily extendable with the passing time.

In case you wish to start up new ventures and your current CMS is not capable enough then you can opt for WordPress migration services and land on this wonderful platform.

It doesn’t matter if you start a simple online magazine with WordPress, you can easily turn it into a fully-fledged eStore or can perform multi-site functionalities with a complete ease. From tailoring web design to integrating mailing list to handling 100s of 100s of users, you can achieve all with its scalability.

Intuitive & User-friendly

On comparing to other CMSs available in the marketplace, WordPress offers you a powerful admin panel that is extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

It offers you a clutter-free, easy to manage and navigate, powerful dashboard with which you can effectively manage content, publish blog posts, upload media etc. even if you don’t have any technical expertise.

Easy installation

Irrespective of its powerful features and support, WordPress can be easily installed on an average of 5 minutes and you can develop your website within a single day.

In-built Blogging

Content is the king of the digital era. A compelling, relatable, and quality content usually helps you to market and sell your online services or products.

Many business owners (be it a technological, healthcare, educational etc.) opt for a blog section on their websites to curate content that can help them to retain SEO, bring web traffic, and eventually grow.

In regards to WordPress, this powerful CMS allows you to easily add and manage blogs on your website. With its default blogging configuration, you can easily access varied blog options like tags, categories, spam solutions, media, author roles and more.

Easy Multisite Control

Multisite setup has become an often followed trend in online space. It helps you to serve different geographies, deal in different services from a single point of control etc.

WordPress installation also serves this need with its powerful multisite solutions. Furthermore, you can easily control multiple sites with its powerful, single, and user-friendly admin/control panel. From one single centralized unit, you can easily upgrade security tools, plugin and manage multiple themes across websites.

Free Upgrades

With most of the CMS available, there is always a cost associated with version upgrades. Also, this process is time-consuming as well.

And, since WordPress is free and open-source so do its upgrades as well.

To summarize this article, I would like to state that WordPress is a perfect combination of web services that you can choose for your personal as well as commercial use.

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