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Any Idea Why Your Recently Launched Mobile App Failed?

Find out why mobile apps fail & know the latest app trends in the industry

Any Idea Why Your Recently Launched Mobile App Failed?

Wednesday May 22, 2019,

6 min Read

Users have a big benefit of having numerous apps in the app store. But too many apps results in the higher competition that comes as a big challenge in front of various businessmen who want to create new mobile applications.

You will get shocked to know that around 80-90% of mobile apps are deleted just after one use. Moreover, facts say that an app has the probability of losing around 77% of daily active users within three days after its installation.

Hence, businesses keep wondering about what is it that makes a successful app. The answer lies in the mistakes present in the unsuccessful apps. The fault may lie in the mobile app development process, design or marketing.   

Let’s have a look at various causes behind unsuccessful mobile apps.

Not able to solve real problem

Most applications that we see are duplicates of popular ones. Users want to look for something new and interesting. And when they find that new one is faulty, then it leads to some kind of disappointment and loss of trust.  


For example, if all the fashion designers make same kind of clothes, then the competition will be high and the buyers will not be interested that much. And only the genuine concepts and designs create a large impact on the customer’s mind. All the duplicates are considered as failures.

If you are planning to create an app just to make some money, then you have already on the wrong path and have committed the first mistake. The main objective of a businessman should be to offer the solutions to problems that users are facing with existing apps.      

Here, the role of marketers comes into play. You can look at the pain points of the users shown in the survey performed by them. With the help of this, you can create a new app that does not have these problems.

2.  Either too many or very less features

At the behest of their client, a mobile application developer incorporates a considerable number of apps that are uninstalled after the first use itself.. Either they have too many or a few useful apps. If you think that an app with too many features will attract the users, then it may give you a completely opposite result.

Too many features may confuse them and force them to look for another app which is more specific to their needs. Also, if you be too much choosy while adding features to your app, it may put a bad impact. And hence it may make your app incomplete to fulfill all the needs of your target audience.

The number of features in your app should be decided first by inspecting the usability of your app along with all the devices on which it will be used.

3. No surety about the mobile platform

If you are not going to be platform specific, then you are going to face trouble soon. Hence, it is imperative for you & the mobile app programmers to decide about whether your app is going to be an iPhone app, android app or hybrid app.

And you cannot just select any of the platforms. You should go with the preference of your target audience. Either it is a iPhone development or it is about android app development, we cannot say that unsuccessful android apps are just because of various issues with app performance, quality or lack of user experience. There might be the case that the platform has not been studied properly.

In today’s world, where almost everybody has a mobile, apps are mostly developed for iPhone and Android platforms. It will be good if your target audience is available on both these platforms.

4. Unable to understand its target audience

If you do not understand your target audience, then your business can suffer at any instant of time. For eg, a client contacts a mobile app programmer with a good idea of an iPhone app for kids. This app is solely for interesting games and activities that would keep them occupied. Also, it will increase their cognitive skills.

However, it will not be sufficient to think like kids. You will need to talk to nannies, mommies and other elder siblings who will use the app more than the kids.

If you do not pay attention to your target audiences, it will result in unclarity about your ideas in the customer’s mind. And this is an indication of the failure of your app.

5. App is too complex for the users

It sometimes happen that app developers make the app complex for users. Apple attracted millions of customer just because its products are easy to use for the customers. If a user is not able to find out the right buttons in the first time, probably your app is not that good which it was supposed to be.

The reality is that customers do not have time to learn how to use your application especially when there are various easy to use options available in the market. And if you think that they will put extra interest in learning about your app, you are on the wrong track!

In this case, one needs to consider the locational factors that vary according to the technological development of the location as well as the age of the users.

You need to make sure that the design of your mobile app justifies its business value. To create an app that is liked by users, you will require intellectual understanding and their flexibility towards changing trends. The current mobile app trends always have to be kept in mind.

mobile app failure

Now, you must have got an idea about as to why mobile apps can fail.

Any idea about what are the latest app trends which you can use to increase the success rate of the app?

Some of them are Progressive web apps, Android instant apps, IoT apps etc.

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Final Words:

Once you create an app with unique features, the story does not end here. You need to follow latest app trends and to make strategies about which market to target and how to target. For this purpose the best thing you can do is to hire mobile app developer who will make your app the best.

What do you think about mobile app development trends that are going to rule in 2019? Let’s discuss this in the comment box.