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App Development and Design Trends that will mark 2019

App Development and Design Trends that will mark 2019

Friday March 08, 2019,

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One of the most significant technology markets is the mobile application division as proven by the Statista report that predicted that mobile apps would generate over $180 billion by 2020. In 2018, app developers focused on adding value to their users by developing and designing apps that provide good user experience, and it seems like 2019 is moving in the same direction.

The use of advanced technology has always played a massive role in app development and design. The availability of new accessible technologies such as augmented realities, biometrics, and more will also aid in the trend of app development and design which will mark 2019.

There are a lot of ways in which top app developers in the USA can make their mobile apps stand out in terms of design. In this article, we’ll discuss these design trends that will rule app development and design in 2019.

Better UX

UX is one of the most significant factors that will explain app development and design trends of 2019. You can hire dedicated developers that can create captivating user experiences by inserting personalization into this. Users can have a smooth and customized experience as UX and customization go together seamlessly.

A web and mobile development company can decide to do something as simple as adding the name of the user all through the app or something as complex as delivering an exact type of offer that users like using large amounts of user data. You can also use user data to find out the preferences of users to incorporate it in processes such as sending notifications, chatbot creation, screen adjustment, font size changes, among others.

Enhanced App Performance

After user experience, another 2019 development and design trend are enhancing the performance of your app. Top app developers USA are going to be focusing on improving the performance of their apps to deliver fast and unique user experiences. There are many app development tools available for app performance improvements.

As time goes by, users are becoming more and more impatient, so it’s essential that your app loads quickly to increase user experience. It’s necessary that your app be able to do well across different user likelihoods and cases.

Integration of Voice

Integration of voice devices into the offering of your application is another app development and design trend to look out for in 2019. As voice-enabled devices and assistants such as Siri and Alexa are becoming more popular, you can hire dedicated developers to incorporate these products into your app to offer a unique and innovative app.

With the incorporation of voice, your app will now be used by a large population of users who prefer to use speech to interact with their devices. Your app will be able to reach a new user set with this voice integration as well as create an outstanding user experience. This trend will invariably help your app stand out from the others.

Seamless Interfaces

Seamless interfaces is an app development and design trend that will most likely grow to new levels to mark 2019. This trend is developed to present a forward thinking app design all throughout the application at every turn. Although it takes a web and mobile development company iterative and demanding testing to reach an entirely seamless user interface, the results in the end are always worth it.

With seamless interfaces and UX design, users need to be given what exactly they need at the right time. For every aspect of app development and design, users should be able to navigate through different areas in the app quickly. Users also need to be provided with all that is required to complete a task.

Cloud Integration

This trend is significant as mobile phone storage is minimal and risky when it comes to saving essential data. The use of cloud storage reducing the risk of data loss as it has a vast storage capacity which allows users to access their data from anywhere with any device with their login information.

For instance, a web and mobile development company will plan to integrate cloud storage in most of their mobile apps. This is because cloud integration enables them to gain access to their documents and store them safely. This trend is one that will mark 2019 and will continue in the following years.


The trend of AR & VR has surpassed its use in gaming apps as it’s expanding into social media applications as well. The combination of AR in social media apps has provided users with top-notch experiences which they’re having a field day with it.

Face animation, which involves turning a human face into an animated face is done with the help of AR. This particular trend is making more people engage with apps that incorporate this. Top app developers in the USA need to take note of this and integrate AR & VR into their apps to increase customer engagement and experience. There is a lot more Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies can do in the realm of app development and design – we’ll see more in 2019 and beyond.


The incorporation of Blockchain technology in app development and design has built a secure platform for finance businesses to handle money with certainty. This technology can also be implemented in other sectors such as insurance and healthcare. For instance, a web and mobile development company can incorporate the use of blockchain when developing and designing a healthcare app. The implementation of blockchain technology is sure to remain an app development and design trend for 2019 and beyond.

To Wrap It Up

For your app to stand out, it’s vital that you hire dedicated developers to implement some of these trends into the design and development of your app. User experience is the basis of all these trends which shows that 2019 is all about looking for different ways of enhancing user experience during app development. These trends listed above are the most prominent and dynamic design trends that will mark 2019 and beyond.