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An array of professions – how stressful or rewarding they can be?

Is your career stressful? Here’s a list of hectic professions in today’s world. Going to choose a career? Choose between stress, work-satisfaction and other factors

An array of professions – how stressful or rewarding they can be?

Monday November 04, 2019,

8 min Read

Besides creativity, resilience, and sincerity, frustration is one of the many fundamental attributes to be found in the millennial, and the generations followed. Could you blame them? Peer pressure, sky-high societal expectations and a frighteningly real motto of "too much to do, too little time" – it's a wonder that they manage to cope up with a plate full of life and its shortcomings. Education, Passion, Hobbies might change over a lifetime – but Career, on the other hand, is something that one would generally like to stick around with, for a long, long time. Money is a big game compared to anything else physically earned, but one should not overlook the basic factors that turn a simple job into something spectacular – a commendable job satisfaction with proper peace of mind. So here we are today, bringing in brand new factoids on some of the most stressful careers available in the world, to help you think and decide with a resolute stance.

Military Personnel

Congratulations! After going through a rigorous combat training and a series of frequent transfers, you've finally landed yourself unto a job that leaves you with little or no family time, a limited number of holidays (with the probability of getting called back in on the same day due to any emergency); it's a profession with the basic motto of kill or be killed (or maybe lose some limbs that you really love – your choice, really!), watching colleagues get killed as you try your level best not to let that happen while protecting the country; You might be required to helplessly watch women and children around you getting killed as you wait for orders from the higher authority to proceed with a contingency plan.

Most of the veterans live with a case of severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) till their last breath.

Police Force

This is a job with the words "Death-trap" written all over it - no given shift hours, a very unstable future – not to mention the politics inside political events. You will be required to get involved in importunate events with a 99.9% chance of getting shot in one unaware moment. The funny fact is, this is one career which comes with a Multiple-Choice Questionnaire – either be a lifelong undercover friend of criminals and other unlawful masses – or let yourself and your family be targeted by them.

One might see themselves developing a new type of stress every day followed by a coping mechanism which in turn will possibly lead to an unhealthy lifestyle - overeating, drug and/or alcohol abuse – domestic abuse on family members is no stranger to the party either.

Airlines Pilot

Having the sole responsibility of keeping a container full of strangers afloat above accessible altitudes with absolutely ZERO chances of making mistakes, even as a newbie, is a very promising stress "booster" indeed. You'll be required to have the mind of a superman – like how to land safely and where, if the engine catches on fire – one of the several thousand probabilities of what could go wrong high up. Chances of being an unfortunate victim of a hijack will reduce your chance of getting a happily ever after with that special someone for sure. However, chances of getting little or no time to rest due to irregular and emergency shifts also lessens with this career option.

This is a career that fights Death in its realm i.e. uncertainty!


Love to cook? You'll love to cut people up like vegetables too – just make sure to follow the procedures! Think of them as your personal computer – they just need an internal upgrade or repair-work with a whole lot of blood involved. Having to play the role of God almost every day can be such a happy job, isn't it so? But beware of the mood swings though. You can just have a baby the moment before you're required in the O.T. to tend to someone's last breath.

Think of it as a life-size version of truth and dare. Truth is, you work for the greater good – and you dare to leave your hand prints on someone's heart (but seriously, wear a glove for Christ's sake.) every day.

Registered Nurse

Sure, you like caring for people – but handling maximum responsibilities in a medical facility while managing doctors and patients & maintaining discipline is a big step forward. Always be ready for the unexpected - patients can arrive covered in blood or severed internals or on the verge of death after being in a brawl or just with a severely upset stomach – you'll be needed to settle them in, see that they don't die before the doctor arrives – and you need to do the same for all in as little time as possible. Losing either your nerve or cool is not an option. Changing diapers, bedpans or catheters, or cleaning up wounds should feel like changing clothes, and if you do get a little stressed – always remember, there's nobody better than you to comfort the patients.

Nurses act as the mother-ship for doctors and patients alike – hence, you cannot afford to commit a mistake.

Social Worker

Facing chaos and contentment as a livelihood - intervening events nobody else would ever dare to, i.e. raiding human trafficking rackets with special forces is the baseline of this profession. Travel around the world while attending to victims of natural/man made disasters, take care of abandoned and/or carnally abused children, fight on behalf of people without a voice – these look so damn good on-screen, and it is a really brave choice, but ask yourself once – can you be an honest do-gooder?

This profession can make or break you, depending on what you seek – is it money, or mental peace? Each step you take should be impartial and justified. Altruism and empathy are two of the most necessary traits, no matter how many traumas you see others facing or how many deaths you face yourself; meet people from all statuses – pursue funding from the richer ones to provide for the underdeveloped regions - seek opportune moments for them to flourish (scholarships, careers, skill development) with gathered resources – go to sleep with a smile knowing that you have to put it on to inspire others more than yourself.

Save the society that's so prone to making a hell out of this world – after all, that's what it means to be humane, doesn't it!


Illogical people irritate you a lot, don't they? Well, you finally have a job where you can put some logic inside their heads – but you must treat them all cordially - criminals and victims alike. Think calm and quick - develop the weakest points of a case into the best ones as you ditch sleep for nights in a row. Feel, but don't feel so much as to let it get to your head – be cunning like a fox as you pounce on your prey from the opposing party.

Don't stress over being unable to fight for proper judgment though. No matter how much you mingle with the statistics of law, the righteous way will still belong to stone statues and framed gods instead of the society.

Public Relations Executive

Building and maintaining exclusive reputation for each client as you work around the clock to ensure that they receive best market agreements and proposals can be a pretty hectic job. Someday you won't even have the time to eat as you rule out possibilities that has the slightest chance to tarnish the reputation; you have to accompany your clients to every possible meeting to be insulted on their behalf as they literally do whatever they'd like to – they'll be the mess, you, the cleaner. This job is a legit competition of no-s – no day-offs, no personal attachments with the client, no privacy before the deadlines and meetings, no life other than the ones gifted by the agency (if you don't have your own); the paycheck will be rock-heavy though!

Try buying happiness with money now, can you?

Lastly – knowledge doesn't come at a price, so please don't mind much if your paycheck flies away before you even have the chance to bag it in.

Now that you know what to expect from some of the most common, most revered and highest paying jobs out there – where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Still confused? There's a stress-less solution to that – and you don't have to face the monsters under the bed or at your workplace to welcome it into your life. Get yourself enrolled in a career aptitude test for a deeper insight into your mind and where it'll work the best, weaknesses and strengths – alike.

Wishing you a very happy adulting!!