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Rupteksolutions.com - A New Web Company in Kolkata

A new startup in web design & development in Kolkata with Industry experienced Managers & Developers, making Innovation & Commitment converge.

Rupteksolutions.com - A New Web Company in Kolkata

Friday December 30, 2016,

2 min Read

While doing projects for various clients from abroad, we thought one particular solution is very much needed in improving Healthcare solutions especially in rural India. So, we ideated a product, which will allow

village patients to connect to expert doctors of the city. since availability and Speed of internet increasing day by day, we felt, it is really need of the hour. Our moto primarily is to give the service than to make money. So, we started discussion on building the product first. Went to at least two companies to make the product by them. It failed for various reasons. so, we decided to build our own team and make it.

We formed the company and it was named Healthworld-solutions.com. The product is built today, and everybody who sees the demo praises it. So, thats done! We are now committed to try our hands in Web business. We all are of various backgrounds but overly interested in Web. We love it! Our love for web, when transforms into EXTRA care for clients projects, it induces a WoW! factor. We felt, with this confidence, honesty and sincerity, we may make mistakes, but we will not fail. So, we started sailing into Web business with a new form (rup) www.rupteksolutions.com  Here is our manifesto:

1. We remain committed

2. We remain innovative

3. We remain defect free

4. We take EXTRA care


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