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Effective Ways to Promote or Sell Your Products Online

In any business, no matter small or you've a significant investment in it; business owner considers the return on investment (ROI). 

Monday December 19, 2016,

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In any business, no matter small or you've a significant investment in it; business owner considers the return on investment (ROI). While marketing business, you must keep in mind that the internet reaches to more people all around the world as compared to the newspaper, business cards, and the flyers.

Now you might be thinking that how does it happen? There are many several ways to market your business online, and you would be happy to know that some of them are free. Now the problem of return on investment is solved, now you have the way to invest a less amount in marketing and having more chances to get clients for your product. With the passage of time, the business people changed their marketing styles for better results of their sales. Branding is believed to be one of the major reasons you need to use social media to market your product. It is significant to grow and endorse a product, especially when it comes to small business startups. When you engage potential customers by using social media, you eventually build your brand and intensify customer relationships to covert the prospects to paying customers and in turn experience higher return on investment.

Best Social Site To Market A Product

The first problem when it comes to branding is that it’s difficult to decide which social media sites you should be focusing. There’s a massive increase in social media site’s popularity these days and it becomes an important factor for the success of any marketer. There are two concepts; personal social marketing vs business social networking. These are two different things; so you need to search out the right platform to target the audience by providing the relevant content.

The best sites to market a product, especially for small startups is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. While it doesn’t mean that you have to market the product on all of them. But it’s good to have a business profile or page on at least some of them and regularly update them for best results.


Facebook tops the list when it comes to the social media platform. You can create the engagement with the help of a Facebook Page that your customers ‘follow' or ‘like' to get the latest updates about your product or service. Let’s say, your product range include women handbags, court shoes, makeup, dresses and jewelry. The primary function of FB page is to build up and boost the brand's reputation and loyalty. It's the best medium for reaching a significant number of customers with just one post. You can boost up your profile and posts with the help of targeted marketing, interacting with the target audience via chat and comments.


Twitter is another viable medium for creating a customer base and promoting products and service. You can use the Twitter account to launch goods and services, share unique news, instant updates and to get quick feedback from your customers. When it comes to writing your posts or tweets, be concise as you have a limit to write 140 characters only. Twitter's hashtag functionality worth it as it allows you to bring to light the key ideas and classify your tweets.

It has been proved that the tweets with images get 88% more favorites, 19% more clicks, and 155% more retweets. So, what’s bad about adding an image to your post while sharing it on the social media?


Instagram – it's a mobile app widely used to share images and videos with add-ons such as text and hashtags. It becomes one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is a product of Facebook, which allows you to share photos and videos of your brand, products, services, collages, digital art and much more. Thanks to Instagram for the raising the selfie trend. So, let's become the main face of your business, take a selfie and share it with your audience to customize your Insta-feed.

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