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GST Enrollment

GST Enrollment

Friday December 30, 2016,

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By the implementation of GST in India , the existing tax payers will have to enroll under GST. It is important to understand GST as the conversion to the new tax system has started. Depending on the registration type and constitution of your business, GST enrollment process may show some difference.

All the entities carrying registered under any of the Acts such as Central excise, Service tax, VAT, Entry tax, Luxury tax, Entertainment tax would require GST Enrollment.


The following details are required for the GST Enrollment process:

Provisional ID received from state or central authorities.

Password received from state or central commercial tax authorities.

Valid E-mail address and valid mobile number.

Bank account number.

IFSC Documents.

Proof of business.

Photograph of promoters or partners.

Proof of appointment and photograph of the authorized signatories.

Opening page of the bank pass book.

After the completion of online enrollment a unique number called Application Reference Number (ARN) will be provided to the applicant for further references.

The status of provisional ID will change to "Active" on the approved date and a provisional registration Certificate will be issued.

GST Registration process

1. Determine the type of registration.

2. Completion of e-Learning process - which is required for voluntary registration only.

3. Submission of GST Registration Application.

4. Application of GST Registration is processed.

5. Receive notification.

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