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7 Innovative ways to organize your bedroom

Neatly arranged elements in your room keep your mind calm while searching your shirt and scarf while there are only 5 minutes left for work. Here are some innovative and creative ways to organize your bedroom.

7 Innovative ways to organize your bedroom

Thursday November 09, 2017,

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Organizing your room in a hustle-bustle city life is challenging. Due to the minimum leisure time at home only prompts you to relax and get ready for another hectic day at work. But an organized room saves your time from 40 to 15 minutes to get ready for the day. Neatly arranged elements in your room keep your mind calm while searching your shirt and scarf while there are only 5 minutes left for work. Here are some innovative and creative ways to organize your bedroom.

Remove everything from everywhere

Organize your bedroom

Organize your bedroom

It might seem strange to take out all your belongings from everywhere in the room. But this way works great to organize everything at the right place at the end. Taking up some time to organize your room could keep you in peace for the upcoming months. So remove all the clothes from your closet, desk and dresser. Also, check out the things lying on the floor and gather them all in one place.

Store or sell

Store the things which you don’t use but you have no heart to throw away. Most people are sentimental in nature and do not throw away their used pencil box during kindergarten classes.

Clothes you bought sometimes won’t fit you well. Instead of storing it for years, try to sell it to save some space. Keeping giant textbooks which you aren’t in need uses space. Just sell it to store your jewels there.

Keep or throw

Keep the items you use on a regular basis. Keep things like your scarf, lip gloss, and spectacles within reach. And throw away the things which you don’t need anymore. Recently, I had thrown a small storage box for jewels which I bought when I moved into my unit of Independent villas.

Less is more

The fewer things you have saves more space to organize your room neatly. So ask yourself if you really want the items which you don’t use it now. Eliminate the items those do not help you anyway by having in your cupboard. As a result, eliminating the things which aren’t in use saves space for other important things you use on a regular basis. This eventually leads to a neatly organized room.

Start by organizing your closet

Organizing your closet is the first and foremost thing to follow for an organized room.

• Start by hanging all your clothes: Organize it as per the type of material. This makes it easy to reach for your favourite cotton top. In addition, colour code all your clothes after arranging it based on material type.

• Space below the clothes: If you still have some space below the hanging clothes, use it to store your handkerchiefs and towels.

• Install a holder for the door: In case you have an opening door instead of sliding doors, just install a rack holder to keep your accessories.

Arrange your dresser

After arranging all your clothes in the closet, reach to organize your dresser table to store the accessories like jewels, handkerchiefs, napkins and makeup products. Organize all your elements in each drawer. Utilize the space to the maximum. Place your books on top of the dresser. Make some space for your inner garments and pyjamas. Allocate one drawer to store all your T-shirts, pants and athletic gears.


Clean up the rest of your room

Once you’ve completed organizing your closet, dresser, and desk, now is the time to focus on rest of the room. Without cleaning the floors and clutter, your room doesn’t achieve the organized state of neat and clean.

• Clean the floors and mopping it regularly keeps the floor clean anytime.

• Make your bed after sleep.

• Keep all the pillows and bedspread in the place where they belong.

• Keep your room clutter free. Clean up all the torn posters and paintings on the wall.

• Arrange all the small furniture like nightstand, bookshelf, and cabinets in place.

Applying all these simple and creative ideas brings an organized, neat and tidy room. I always keep these things in mind and applying for all the rooms made my unit presentable among all the villas in the community I live in.