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Handy Tips for Keeping Your Favorite Foods Fresh in Refrigerator

Refrigerators have become an important and critical part of everyday life because they not just keep food products nutritious and fresh but also help in decreasing food waste. 

Tuesday February 21, 2017,

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Refrigerators have become an important and critical part of everyday life because they not just keep food products nutritious and fresh but also help in decreasing food waste. It is important to understand that you cannot deal with the problem of food waste just by buying a refrigerator. It is important to know the basics and tricks of different types of products.

Here are some useful tips that will allow you to keep the food fresh for a long time and reduce food waste.

Storing fresh vegetables and fruits:

Storing fresh fruits and vegetables is always a little tricky, so it is important to know where to store which product. Here are some useful tips that can come in handing for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh.

• You should take paper towels and put it in the crisper section of the refrigerator. The trick is useful because it will be able to absorb extra moisture. The moisture is the reason behind quick rotting of the vegetables.

• If you are storing berries, then you should wash them with water as well as a little bit of vinegar before putting them in the refrigerator. All types of berries should be stored either in a plastic container or a plastic bag that is resealable.

• Lettuce wilts rapidly if it does not get enough moisture so it is important to keep it hydrated so it can last longer. To maintain the lettuce fresh, you should wrap it in a paper towel that is damp. The salad greens tend to wilt pretty quickly so make sure you keep them hydrated to keep them fresh. If they start wilting even when put in the damp towel, then you should soak them in ice water, and it will make them crisp again. Do that before putting them in the salad.

• If you are looking to store carrots, radishes and celery, then you should cut them, put them in water and store them in the fridge and they will stay fresh for a surprisingly long period.

• Keeping apples with other fruit is not a good idea because they produce ethylene gas. It is not suitable for fruits as it causes them to ripen quickly, so they rot soon as well.

Storing the proteins:

Proteins are an essential part of a diet, so you need to have it in your refrigerator all the time. If you an upright freezer then you should know that the bottom shelf is the coldest part of a freezer and that’s where all the meat should be stored. Here are some useful tips for keeping your proteins fresh.

• When you are storing eggs, it is better to store them in their original carton. Eggs do not require very low temperature, and you can store them on the refrigerator door as well.

• If you are buying poultry and meat and you are planning to use them within two days, then you should not take them out of the original packing before putting them in the freezer. Re-wrapping increases the chances of bacteria exposure. If you are planning on storing meat and poultry for a longer period, then wrap them in foil and freeze them.

• Fish is more perishable than other meats so make sure that you put it in a bag and put it in a bowl of ice. It should be kept on ice while you are cooking so that it stays fresh. For longer storage, you can freeze the fish or broil it.

Cheese and dairy products:

• It is better to store milk in the central part of the fridge rather than the door; it will last longer.

• The cheese should be wrapped tightly in wax paper before putting it in the refrigerator. If you do not want it to dry, then you can rub butter on the cut parts of the cheese.

• The butter should also be stored in original packaging, and it can be stored for about six months.

By following your tips, you will be able to keep food products fresh for a long time, and it will help in dealing with food waste.