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Write contents HIT SEO - For Beginners

How SEO works for the beginners and increasing your traffic?

Friday October 20, 2017,

3 min Read

If you are a blogger, you definitely want your website to hit number 1 on Google but how can we do it and own the marketing quickly? I would say that SEO or inbound marketing  takes time and it's frustrating sometimes that it didn't show the results immediately but what we all know is that nothing could happen overnight.



1. Know your target audience

- First of start everything needs the target first, once you want to target female who's around 20-35 year old and loves makeup so you would know why type of contents you should write and that's how you navigate your keywords for SEO

2. Write contents as much as you can

- Doesn't matter if you dont have time, you could do whenever you want but if you want yo go faster, I recommended to write contents at least 3 blog posts for a week. When you gain more audiences you could post 2-3 less for a week but 3 is the best volume. How long should I write? Well, as much as you can basically, long contents tend to have more space for your specific keywords and that case give you more chance to rank. Dont forget to link other blog posts on your blog or internal link or link the article that would be useful for your audience to go find answer as external link which will give you a too credit. To make some tricks, you could do "No follow" link to others and once they found you write about them that could be a chance to make a business deal.

3. Advertise everywhere

- Social media is the best free key! Find the Blogger support groups and use your tags everywhere. Once you scream all the social media you should go on the web boards, try to give people the write answer and link back to your website. Directories are good but not great but you should never ignored it..make the connection with other bloggers and exchange your links, nothing could every give you more than organic backlinks.

4. Recreate the website for SEO

- Make sure that your website is easy to use and not complicated to find the answers around. What you should have is Email subscription and Search, to make sure that they will take a short time to find they keywords they want to read on your blog and Email subscription could be a key once they love your article and think it helpful or answer their answer very well they might want to Sign up immediately.

5. Insert Keywords everywhere on your website

- You can add keywords everywhere on the website such as the menu bar or the pictures which called Alt Images. If you would like to check if there's any alt tags on your images, go right click on your picture and select Inspect then find ALT and see the follow keywords. If you want to know more about SEO or SEO tools you can check out MOZ, Neil Patel, Wordstream, Kissmetrics and more.